viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

SAVIHost Update to 1.42 - Free

SAVIHost is a derivative version of VSTHost that can be used to make
any VST Effect or VSTi run like a standalone application.

This offers two major advantages:

    Effect or VSTi can be used (tested, checked or tried) easily and
directly without the need or search for another host.
    Effect or VSTi can be distributed to be tested in a temporary directory
without the need of the presence of another host or to search for a dedicated
VSTPlugIns-subdirectory. The VSTi-dll can still be used within other hosts
like Cubase, Sonar etc. when copied to that host's VSTPlugins-subdirectory.

For use just rename SAVIHost.exe to the corresponding VSTi.dll e.g.
if there is abc123.dll rename SAVIHost.exe to abc123.exe and this will
run the VSTi.

Separate versions for VST 2, VST Module Architecture, and VST3 are available
in 32- and 64-bit versions.


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