lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

Midsider 1.0 Free for Windows


Midsider will give any VST plugin mid/side abilities.
Version 1.0 was built to be used in REAPER but can work
in other DAWs as long it can handle more than 2 audio
channels per track.

The upcoming version 2.0 will work in any DAW and will
also be available for OS X.

Watch Video and download Midsider here

domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015

Capsule by Mu-Station - Free Sequencer

16 step sequencer

One VCO with 7 waveforms with a nice "noise", 1 filter, sync mode, speed modulation,
rather complete and separate editing for each step (tune, length, volume, pan).

Download at Mu-Station

Sequin - Free Sequencer

Monophonic Step Sequencer.
 It can create 1 bar patterns with 8, 12, or 16 steps which are triggered from a MIDI note on event. When the sequencer is turned off, it can be played like a regular monophonic synthesiser.

Download Sequin

Thanks to Kara-Moon Site

martes, 25 de agosto de 2015

OdO's SeeqOne V2 - Free Synth

OdO's SeeqOne V2 is a fascinating sequencer synth, devoted to techno music,
which produces rather wild, distorted, agressive and juicy sequences. 3 Osc,
5 filters, 2 Lfo, several effects like delay, distorsion, and five 16 step
sequencers that can modulate almost everything. First-class interface.

Download OdO's SeeqOne V2 (zip)

Noized SineX - Free Synth

Noisy Synth.
Makes really good strange space sounds and other weird noises,
with a good sound quality.

Download Noized SineX (zip)

Creakbox Bassline - Free Synth

Creakbox Bassline by Bioroid is an old commercial emulation of the famous TB-303,
and is free since the development stopped in 2004.

Download Creakbox Bassline (zip)

Basic 64 - Free Synth

It is probably the best emulation of Commodore 64.
3 Osc and 4 waveforms, their envelopes, 2 sync Lfo,
6, 8 or 16 bits resolution, an arpeggiator, a multimode filter.

Download Basic 64 (zip)

domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

String Theory - Free Synth

String Theory is a Physical Modeling Plucked Strings synth with dual phrase arpeggiators.

Each arp has its own speed, gate, and octave controls; which allows for far more complex
patterns than the average arp and can also help better simulate guitar finger picking.

Download String Theory (Zip - 9.9 Mb)

VirtuaDrum - Free Drum Machine

VirtuaDrum is a multichannel drum sample player.
The freeware version of VirtuaDrum has only 8 channels and no filter modulation,
but it features a lot of the specifications of the standard version.

Author: Agular Momentum

Download VirtuaDrum (Zip)

sábado, 15 de agosto de 2015

Stelsi Virtual Synth v.1.0 - Free

Wild and crazy virtual analogue synthesizer unlike any other.
First Ukrainian virtual synthesizer ever.
Designed and produced exclusively for the band "Stelsi" - pioneers of Ukrainian electronic scene.
Using several unique techniques "Stelsi Virtual Synth" delivers a thick & rich sound, from
crushing futuristic sequences to classic analoque leads. With its real-time graphic equaliser
shape your sound anyway you want. Spin on "Distortion" and turn on "Step Lfo" and it`ll ROCK!!!
It`s fast, versatile, simple-to-use with 100 factory presets and user friendly interface.
If you want to add fatness to your track - "Stelsi V.S." is for you.


3 OSC with Pitch & Fine tuning
STEP LFO with visual template interface

Download Stelsi Virtual Synth 1.0  (5.81 Mb, Rar)

SR-202 - Free Drum Machine

SR-202 is the drum machine programmed by Muon Software for Computer Music magazine;
SR-202 was available on the cover CD of this magazine from issue 40.

Its wide range of features include the loading of up to 16 WAV or AIFF format samples
(one for each pad), directly from the front panel, export of a file of its complete state
to disk via the VST bank load/save mechanism (files are exchangeable between PC and Mac versions,
and contain all the samples needed), 64 voice channels with dynamic assignment, 4 choke groups,
pads assignable to either the stereo output or one of the four mono outputs (each pad has three attack/decay envelopes for filter, amplifier and pitch), low pass/High pass switchable filter,
2 effects pre-filter (Distortion and BitCrusher), switchable Note off option, global functions - filter/amp/FX can be set to single pads or Global operation, MIDI CC automation - each MIDI channel (1-16) relates to each pad, controllers 75 onwards can be used to tweak each pad via a hardware controller. The controllable parameters per pad are numerous. Also it comes with at least 15 full
drum kits, ranging from standard kits to wild effects, analogue kits, and useful percussive kits.

Download SR-202 (Zip)

martes, 11 de agosto de 2015

SCP5 - Free Synth

EFM (ele4music) SCP5 free VSTi synthesizer plug-in, which is an emulation of the
legendary Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.

2 Osc
1 Lfo
1 filter
1 Poly-mod section
1 wheel-mod section
1 arpeggiator
2 effects : chorus and delay

Sounds clean, thick, clear, and has a rather good quality.

Download SCP5 (Zip)

Oxe FM Synth - Free

Oxe FM Synth is a freeware software synthesizer for Windows, in two versions:
VST Plug-in, and as standalone application.


    Multitimbral (16 MIDI channels);
    8 operators (6 oscillators, 1 noise generator/limiter, 1 filter), all with envelope;
    1 LFO per channel;
    modulation matrix with self-modulation;
    global reverb and delay;
    great general performance in low resources systems.

The soundbank that comes inside the package includes 48 programs (thanks to Teksonik and Summa).
To make new soundbanks, you can copy and rename the original .bin file.

Have you ever created good patches and/or good songs using only Oxe Fm Synth? I would be glad to
receive .mid and .bin files.

Linux users: use WINE

Download Oxe (Exe)

The installer is powered by Inno setup . This package contains both version
(configure your VST host program to find the DLL in the installed directory).

Source Oxe Music Software

Kx-Modulad - Free Synth

Kx-Modulad by KX77free is, as its name says, a modular synth, with 6 voices polyphony.
It mixes substractive and additive synthesis : 2 osc, 2 lfo, 4 envelopes, a noise generator,
2 filters etc, and also a wavetracer with which you can program very precisely new waveforms,
not with the mouse, but by entering values... The result, as always with Xavier Kalensky,
does not show off, but with a bit of attention, you will discover a fine, expressive,
elegant sound, with an interesting personnality and a good analogue quality.

Download Kx-Modulad

lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

Ensembler - Free Synth

Free poly synth, comes with 4 different GUis.

6 Osc
1 delay
1 chorus
1 phaser
1 reverb
1 disto
1 arpeggiator

Sounds rather agressive, varied, for leads, pads or fx.

Download Ensembler

PhazOsc - Free Monosynth

PhazOsc by Fretted Synth Audio is a little monosynth, with only few parameters and sound
possibilities, but it sounds clean, smooth, fat, with deep basses, and has 1 delay and
1 chorus. Made to be triggered by the sound of a guitar, "midi" (instead of "audio")
must be selected in the master section to use it as a normal vsti.

Download PhazOsc (Zip)

Nitrox - Free Synth

Nitrox is an analog type syntheziser with three oscillators, two stereo filters and
a fully equipped stereo effects bank. The unique thing about Nitrox is its comprehensiveness
paired with high flexibility and numerous modulation possibilities. The oscillators,
filters and effects have been implemented with sound quality in mind.

Nitrox comes in two versions: there is a stand-alone version which can be connected to a
stereo audio output channel and to multiple MIDI input channels which is called Nitrox solo.
The second version is a VST(TM) plug-in simply called Nitrox.

Requirements and Testing

A 2GHz CPU with SSE2 instruction set and 1GByte of RAM are recommended as a minimum.
Nitrox is 32-bit Windows(TM) software being tested under Windows 7 and Vista.
The VST host used for testing is Steinberg's Cubase. Nitrox conforms to VST version 2.4.

Donate, if you like it...

Nitrox 1.11 is donationware. You can download it from this site. Should you like the sound
and the flexibility and use Nitrox on a regular basis please make a donation via the PayPal
button in the left column.

Download Nitrox

More data Here

ZynAddSubFX - Free VST and Standalone Synth

Windows - Linux

ZynAddSubFX is a open source software synthesizer capable of making a countless number
of instruments, from some common heard from expensive hardware to interesting sounds
that you'll boost to an amazing universe of sounds.

The project was started in March 2002 by Nasca Octavian Paul. He began to write
ZynAddSubFX in order to create a synthesizer which could produce beautiful sounds,
while being freely available to anybody who needs it.

This Project is now being actively maintained by Mark McCurry since 2009.

Read more and download at ZynAddSubFX