jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

Reason Refill MonsterPoly (Free)

MonsterPoly is a free ReFill for use with Reason 3.

The ReFill utilises original samples and waveforms from 
Korg's classic Mono/Poly synthesizer as building blocks for
entirely new and exciting sounds.


Combinator Patches:
29 Combinator Patches - Sampler and FX Combi's from cool to warm
to searingly hot.

Combinator [run] Patches:
20 Tempo-synced arpeggiators and electronic rhythm generators.

NN-XT Sampler Patches:
74 NN-XT sampler patches - Pads, Leads, Polyphonic & Sequence Synth.

NN-19 Sampler Patches:
29 NN-19 Sampler Patches - Pads, Leads, Polyphonic & Sequence Synth.

ReDrum Kits:
6 ReDrum kits - Analog Boom-Tish, xmod rips and filter blips.

ReCycle Rex Files:

29 ReCycle Rex files - Sampled arpeggio's and esoteric noises.

Demo Songs:
2 Demo Songs - By the authors to demonstrate the range of sounds
and a default startup song.

Download: 77 Mb

Link:   http://www.shapednoise.com/MonsterPoly/

em@il: monsterpoly@shapednoise.com

The ReFill is a collaboration between:

Dave Smith: www.groove-quantize.com

Kirke  Godfrey: www.shapednoise.com

Dj Promixer Home Edition 1.5

Dj ProMixer is a professional Dj software for Windows, its a lite version
full functionally of Dj Promixer Full V1. Easy, complete and ergonomically designed
for deejays, Dj Promixer lets mix your music without limits with a clear design
and an intuitive interface.
When loading a music track into a deck Dj ProMixer will automatically scan the
file for a Beat and assign a beat per minute (BPM).
You can mix your files with an advanced sync system of synchronization tracks
to make live remixes.
Also you can make scratch with a multifunction wheel, attractively designed with
analog VU with a vintage look.
With two memory banks for CUE points or Loops, and lets make manual loops.
Drag and drop music into and around the application's interface from folders or
explorer, with an advanced list, depending on the size of the screen can be made
up to two levels with Explorer and/or Playlist. Three different forms of system
performance to offer the best way to ADAPT Dj ProMixer to your computer with
optimum efficiency.
For Fast, Medium and Slow computers also included Netbooks settings.
Dj ProMixer Free is a Freeware, but you can upgrade to Dj ProMixer Full only
by 1,99 E or 1 SMS (see available Countries).

Dj ProMixer professional DJ mixing software features include:

-Complete Mixer Crossfade in Between two tracks.
-Automatic beat detection.
-Automatic synchronization between the Decks based on BPM.
-Supports a large number of audio formats: Mp3, Mp2, Mp1, Ogg, Wav.,
 Aiff, Wma, Fla.
-Change the pitch in real time of each track, slow it down or speed it up to manually 
 sync it with the other tracks.
-Add a cue pointer marker at any point in a track to instantly start
 playing the track from that point.
-Manual loop sections.
-Real time Equalization on each Deck (track).
-Complete Audio Setup include ASIO support.
-Simple and intuitive user interface designed for Djs.

Dj ProMixer - 39 Mb

Tip: Read about the requeriments !
     (Processor with SSE 3)


Music Bridge

Music Bridge will make changes to your media libraries and meta tags in files.
Be sure to make backups of all files and libraries before using this application.

I make no guarantee as to the quality or reliability of this software and cannot
be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of using it.


iTunes 7+
WMP 11+
Windows XP, Vista


MusicBridge attempts to help people who use both iTunes and WMP keep their libraries
in sync by updating information in one application and then duplicating
that data to the other application using MusicBridge.

For MusicBridge to work both WMP and iTunes must be pointing at the same set of files
in the same location on your hard drive and those files must be
playable in both applications. MusicBridge does not copy or move any music files from
one application to the other. Additionally iTunes, WMP and MusicBridge
must all be running on the same machine.


martes, 24 de julio de 2012

HG Fortune - Altair 4B & X-Wolf 4 Pro (free)

Altair 4B Pro & X-WOF 4 Pro

These are both extremely competent for providing background for
just about any situation. They come complete with several banks
of Pro presets, so no learning curve is required to put them to use.
If you want to dig into the details, the Manuals are also included
which are very well done and easy to follow to go off on your own.

Altair is not musical, but deals in pure sounds that can be blended
over time.



X-WOF is just the opposite and internally has six tracks that can be
setup for individual instruments including percussion - each sequenced
with its own complex patterns. This gives the X-WOF a huge range of
sounds (200 instruments included).



H.G. Fortune:::


on MySpace:::


demotrack videos on YouTube:::