sábado, 27 de junio de 2015

Tal-U-NO-60 - Free Synth

The U-NO-60 vst plugin is a polyphonic virtual analogue synth with a unique filter sound.
An original JUNO 60 is used as reference for the oscillators and filters.
Like the original, the plugin is capable of self-resonance and thus could be used to some
degree as a tone generator.
The filter section also features controls for envelope amount and polarity, LFO modulation
and keyboard tracking. In addition, a non-resonant highpass filter is provided to thin out
lower frequencies.

The U-NO-60, notwithstanding, few parameters, can make a wide range of different and exciting

    Polyphonic (6 voices)
    Bandlimited oscillators
    One syncable LFO with five different waveforms
    24 dB lowpass filter with self oscillation, non-resonant high-pass filter
    Fast ADSR envelopes
    Smooth cutoff changes (also with midi controllers)
    Velocity sensitive filter envelope
    Midi learn for all potis
    Supports all sample rates
    20 Presets.

Download Tal-U-NO-60

TAL-Elek7ro - Free Analog Synth

TAL-Elek7ro is a virtual analog synth with some special features like oscillator
hardsync and frequncy modulation. Including improved alias free oscillators,
new developed fast envelopes and lfo's with a wide range from 0.1Hz up to 400 Hz.
A free routable envelope with attack and decay is available too. This synth is useful
for a wide range of sounds from percusion to deep bass sounds.

Some features:

    2 oscillators with hardsync, PW and FM (saw, pulse, triangle, sine).
    1 sub oscillator (saw, rectangle).
    1 noise oscillator.
    18dB or 12dB non linear analog modelled low pass resonance filter.
    Mono mode, including portamento.
    Poly mode, up to 6 voices (not cpu optimized for poly mode).
    2 free routable Lfo's (0.1Hz - 400Hz, sine, triangle, saw, rectangle, s&h, noise).
    Filter and amplifier ADSR-envelope.
    Free routable AD-envelope.
    Mod-wheel and Pitch-Wheel support.
    Midi Learn for all pots.
    Velocity to filter contour intensity.
    Panic button.
    Tutorial and installation guide


xenos made about 80 great factory presets for this synth.

Check out his page


Download TAL-Elek7ro

jueves, 4 de junio de 2015

OdO's Purple 2 - Free FM Synth

OdO's Purple 2 is a FM synth that has 4 operators with 5 waveforms and one 8 parameters
envelope for each operator, plus some effetcs like 1 delay, 1 chorus, 1 distortion,
1 flanger etc. It is very far from FM7, and it is not varied nor versatile, but it sounds
well for 80's or techno pads and strings.

Download OdO´s Purple 2 (Zip)

Transcender SE - Free Synth

This is a re-release of the original Transcender with a few enhancements,
It now has a choice of square or sawtooth waveforms for more voices,
plus a trance style gate, but still has the multibank detuned oscillators
mixed in stereo through twin filters for that huge wide power station sized

Download Transcender SE 1.7

SuperWave P8 - Free Analog Synth

SuperWave P8, a completely FREE virtual analogue synthesizer.

If you're looking for great leads, pads and strings, then check out this beast of a synth.
Don't forget to check out the P8's big brothers, the Professional and Trance-Pro which both
feature upgraded specifications and new preset patches.

Download Superwave P8 (msi)

lunes, 1 de junio de 2015

Vivaldi MX - Free Synth

It features 64 voice polyphony, support for 16 MIDI-channels, six output busses and a
bunch of other features on top of the original Vivaldi engine. Although it has some
additonal synthesis parameters, like support for vector synthesis, it can still load
all of the Vivaldi classic sounds.

Download Vivaldi MX (Zip)

WaveDraw - Free Synth

WaveDraw Free is a synthesizer whose oscillators have 135 waveforms neatly categorized.
Also included is a stand alone wave creator for creating new ones. 2 filter step sequencer
and chorus/reverb effects are included within many other functions.
64 sound patches are provided.

Download WaveDraw (Zip)

TestSynth 002 - Free Synth

The synth has a semi-modular design, allowing you to freely route audio and modulation
signals between the various building blocks of the synth. The oscillators can do amplitude
modulation, frequency modulation, plain mixing and a fourth, “weird” synthesis mode I came up
with. There are multi-mode filters and a bunch of modulation processors, allowing you to add,
subtract, multiply and invert modulation signals. The LFOs are also multi-mode and can produce
sine, square, sawtooth, ramps and random. They also can be synced to the host’s tempo.
All in all, the synth is capable of producing some nice sounds.

Downloades TtSynth 002 (Zip)