jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

Sonitarium v1.3 - Free Synth

Sonitarium employs a variant of DSF synthesis with aliasing-free oscillators
that generate a quadrature stereo signal. Providing up to 200 oscillators per
voice, Sonitarium is most suitable for fat pads, drone sounds, and horror music.

Aliasing-free DSF oscillators, each generating a quadrature stereo signal.
Up to 200 oscillators per voice. Unison controls to alter the pitches and phases of the oscillators.
Freely selectable polyphony with up to 16 voices.
Text field input for all controls.
Envelope and key tracking controlled volume. Adjustable pitch bend range.
Freely adjustable Attack, Decay, and Release slopes.
MIDI control of all parameters (CC).
92 presets.

Download Sonitarium

Davi Santos - DvnSfxMaker, DvnKeyFilter and DvnBitCrusher - Free


DvnSfxMaker is a VST/AU plugin to create sound effects for games.


Give more expressiveness in your monophonic melodic lines with DvnKeyFilter!!

It's a low pass filter with the cutoff frequency controlled by key tracking and a
second parameter "Expression" assignable to any midi cc (or disable it and use your
DAW envelope).


It's a bit crusher effect that offers sample rate reduction down to 200Hz,
bit depth reduction, distortion unit and low pass filter, dry/wet mix and gain
stages at the input and output.

Download the collection of audio effects for music/audio production.

Chokidar EQ - Free

Chokidar EQ is intended for balancing mixes in mastering.
Chokidar is build from an ingenious analogue concept that would have knocked
your socks of if it wasn’t for the amount of added noise. When we went through
the blue prints for the analogue circuits we realized that it would be fairly
easy to make a digital version that would be completely noise free
(digital “cabling” is good that way) so we went ahead and created the Hi-Shelf filter
at first and got stunned how good it was. The principle seemed to migrate really well
into the digital world so we decided to build the whole damn thing. You can almost guess
what it does by just listen to it and you might as well do that because we’re going
to keep the concept a secret, at least for now.

The free version::
Differences from the donate version:

No mid/side functions
No Hi or Lo Pass filters

For Windows 32Bit hosts (or bridged in 64bit hosts)

Download Choridar free version