viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

Modulok - Percussive Sample Pack - Free

Modulok is a percussive sample pack made using two semi-modular analogue synths,
a couple of vintage synthesizers and a bunch of analogue FX all linked together
in a modular fashion.

Crafted by hand with love and care, the goal is to bring out the character of the analogue sound, both smooth and wild, futuristic and retro, raw and advanced,
in a big & versatile drum-sample pack, suitable for all kind of music.
Analogue but not cliché, this pack knows no boundaries.

Tech spec:

Features more than 380 samples for a total size of 153MB:

364 one-shot samples, gathered in 4 categories:
kicks, snares & lasers, hats & cymbs, percussions & sfx
(each category being also sub-divided in 2 sub-categories for a quicker browsing);

23 loops of analogue drones and textures for your audio production;

24bit, 48Khz stereo WAV files;

This pack is released for free, as Waveshaper's contribution to KVR DC2012.

Please visit this page to download it :: 

miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

Inspiration - APP - Free

Inspiration is an application developed to stimulate the creativity
of music composers.

Influenced by Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies, and techniques described
in several books about songwriting, Inspiration allows its users to get
random, more or less abstract advice that can provide ways to handle the
blank page syndrome, new "cooking recipes" to create music in general,
ideas to develop or finish your last song, write a lot of music in a short
time, take different musical paths...

Considering Inspiration as another software adaptation of Brian Eno's
Oblique Strategies is wrong.

Indeed, those advice items are gathered together like the Oblique Strategies,
but also other thematic sets like the Horizontal Strategies from -musicalentropy
for example, or the Frustrated Songwriter's Strategies.

The advice items are classified and can be filtered with numerous tags,
allowing the users to target specific needs at specific moments. S
ome examples of these tags : musical instruments like the guitar, the drums
or keyboards, various abstraction levels, themes like motivation, harmony,
rehearsals, sampling, the development of existing ideas etc.

Moreover, a special editor is included, allowing users to create their own sets,
with an efficient and ergonomic interface. With this functionality, you can :

Create your own advice sets, corresponding to your needs, your personality,
and the way you work.
Share your own advice sets with all the users of Inspiration.
Fill a list of composition ideas, new tracks or concepts you would like to
work on in the future.
Have a work plan for your preferred musical instrument, full of random exercises
to do or existing songs to include to your musical repertoire.
Optimize your 20-songs game sessions, as described in the book
"The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook" by Nicholas Dobson and Karl Coryat.

Anyway, be careful about the various things Inspiration can not do :

Write some music for you.
Play any musical instrument for you.
Take all the credits of the music you have created thanks to its advice.
Fill a lack of technical competences and/or a lack of musical knowledge.
Replace experimented musician's advice.
Replace experimented musicians.
Force you read how to use Inspiration before having any opinion on its concept.
Bring the beers for the rehearsals.

Download Windows ::  ZIP

Download Mac ::  ZIP

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

CM Winamp Skins 2.x - Free

These skins are for Winamp 2.x only !
Im a fan of Winamp and i made these
skins for personal use.

Now, im sharing these skins with my friends
on the web.


I have uploaded the packs in,
you must fill the register in the site to download it.
Only 1 minute and you can take advantage of this site !


pack 1

pack 2

pack 3

Weebly link::

martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

DreamStation DXi 2 - Free

DreamStation DXi2 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer plugin
based on DreamStation 1.0. It can be used from within compatible
host application(s) supporting DirectX Instruments.

Direct Download :: EXE

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GTG FM 4 Synth - Free

A new FM synth with a different structure.

3 operators with 2 mixable paths each. Lots of cool sounds can

be made with this one. And yet very easy to use.

Direct Download :: RAR

jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

FMMF Synth - Free Vst

FMMF is a 4 operator FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer with 2 primary aims

• Make FM synthesis as accessible and user-friendly as possible

• Use multi-stage envelopes and LFOs to make give lots of movement and modulation

The default preset bank was created by sound designer brian botkiller and shows off the potential of FMMF to make atmospheric pads and leads with lots of movement, big fat bass sounds, funky arps and oddball sound fx.

FMMF won 3rd place in the KVR Developer Challenge 2009, which is an audio freeware competition. It is in VST plug-in format for Windows based hosts only. Thank you to everyone who voted, donated and participated in the contest.

Download includes a detailed 16 page manual as well as the plugin in dll format.

Download FMMF zip file (2.6 MB)

Big Tick Audio Software - Free Plugins

Big Tick Audio Software

Vocal Formant Synthesizer.
This instrument uses formant synthesis to generate rich,
breathy pads sounds.

Cheeze Machine:
Strings Ensemble Synthesizer.
This vst plugin emulates the classic string ensemble sound,
made popular by such classic synths as the Crumar Performer
or the Arp Solina.

Electric Piano.
EP-Station re-creates the classic electric piano sounds,
using FM modelling.

4-oscs hybrid synthesizer.
Thanks to an original mixture of FM, AM, additive and substractive synthesis,
Rainbow is able to produce a wide assortment of sounds, from analog emulations
or synthesized drums to 80’s electric pianos or synth basses.

Clavinet emulator.
This plugin emulates the ultra-funky sound of the Hohner Clavinet,
forever associated with Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”.

These plugin are available as freeware after registration on this site :::

Saiko - Old-School - Free

Very interesting creative tool that allows to create old-skool
techno/trance/goa style streams.
Created by Argu & Waka X a long time ago...
Just hit the Run button and  play with the sliders.
Thanks to the users who kept this and made it available for download.

Click here to download Saiko r7 & 10r9 :: ZIP

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miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

HG Fortune VSTi Plugins

HG Fortune: Synthesizer and algorithmic music systems
VSTi Plugins for Windows(tm)

(free versions, demos, patches)

Ghost Machine Demo Suite
Ghost Machine TS Demo Suite
The Tiger
Scapes Wizard 2 Pro
The Dreammachine 3
Scapes Wizard 2 mini
Avatar ST Basic
Alphatron Basic
Alien Space Weaver


Damatriks Modular Synth - Free

Damatriks is a "classic" modular synthesizer system VST plugin,
inspired by the modular analog synths. With many different modules
in place, endless creativity is guaranteed. These modules can be
patched using a CV (control voltage) matrix module, creating complex
CV patches.


Double rack space

Audio path is hard wired



vco type 1 (2)
vco type 2
vco link (sync/Xmod)
mixer (with noise gen)
envelope type 1 (2)
vca type 1
filter type 1
filter type 2
Stereo delay
clock (with multiplier)
lfo type 1
lfo type 2
cv mixer
cv matrix 9->14

Direct Download :: Damatriks DLL

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martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

D2 Compressor - Free FX

D2 is an all-rounder compressor with an easy to use interface.
It demonstrates the compressor algorithms of its big brothers,
bathtub and sidearm while keeping the interface simple for quickly
dialling in some common settings. D2 can be heavy or subtle,
razor quick or gentle, clean or dirty and is happy as an insert or
buss compressor.

Download zip file (1.7 MB)

Stardust Mastering Effect - Free

Arguru Software - Stardust V. 1.5

Stardust is a mastering effect VST plug-in complying with VST2.0 standards.
It has been designed to be used as a mastering processor as well a channel

Direct Download :: ZIP

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lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Dynamite Cowbell - Free

Dynamite Cowbell brings you more cowbell than even
Gene Frenkle can deliver.


- 6 cowbells mapped to midi keys
- 5 velocity layers
- close and room mic levels
- damping control
- 5 bonus digibells
- 1 cow

Download rar file (3.2 MB)

Boost - Free Vst

boost is a dual-band, parallel compression effect that enhances
your audio by boosting the lows and highs whilst still letting
some of the original signal through to get a nice blend.
Increase the gain to get more compression, then tweak the low
and high band to suit the sound you want. The boost knob increases
the mix of compressed audio with the dry signal.

Download zip file (1.6 MB)

sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012

Twin Delay - Free

Twin Delay is a VST plugin designed for emulation of digital and
analogue delay effects. The program is not an exact copy of already
existing hardware-based equipment, nevertheless it can be used for
producing a majority of popular effects, as well as some modulation
and 'unusual' effects, for instance Flanger, Metallizer.
Special attention have been given to analogue delay algorithms,
that make it possible to create beautiful and original sounds,
frequently used in such genres as IDM, Experimental, Breaks and
especially Dub, as well as genres that use Dub elements:
Dub techno, Dubstep, Dubwise and so on.

In installation package included English and Russian manuals.

Direct Download : ZIP

Meat Beat Manifesto

Jack Dangers is the composer and sound sculptor behind Meat Beat Manifesto.
His constantly evolving musical invention has generated a long string of
futuristic classics,”Psyche Out,” “Helter Skelter,” “Radio Babylon,”
“Edge of No Control” and “It’s The Music.” The single, “Prime Audio Soup,”
from the Meat Beat Manifesto album Actual Sounds and Voices, was featured
in the sci-fi fantasy blockbuster, The Matrix and on its platinum-selling

An acknowledged innovator in the electronic music scene, Jack Dangers continues 
to stretch sonic boundaries and influence new generations of sound activists.
As a premier remixer, producer and sound designer, he has played a seminal
role in defining tomorrows’ music today. Past production/remixing projects
include: Public Enemy, Scorn, David Bowie, Orbital, NIN, EBN, David Byrne,
Merzbow, Depeche Mode, Terry Riley, Tower of Power and Coil.

Meat Beat Manifesto’s latest album, Answers Come In Dreams, was released by
Metropolis in North America and Hydrogen Dukebox in the rest of the world,
and was accompanied by a startling variety of videos created in-house by Jack.
He has also made videos for Clive Barker, Tox Simian and DJ Shadow.


Nature Sounds - Web

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds

In today’s world, people are constantly exposed to most different types of music. Music has become a complex language of wordless communication among people on many levels, such as social, spiritual, religious, personal, and even political level. However, the greatest value of music is its ability to stimulate practically all types of emotions people can express.

There is one particular type music that I'd like to talk more about now - that relaxing music that induces calmness and relaxed state for mind. There might be many positive effects of listening to some relaxing music. There are people that say that besides relaxation, music can also have healing effects.

These effects of music have been suggested since ancient times. For example, in the beliefs of Ancient Greece, Apollo was God of medicine and music. It was believed that music had the power to penetrate the soul. The Old Egyptians also believed in the connection between medicine and music. The relationship between sound and healing was held sacred. Similarly, traditional Buddhism uses sound and music for meditation and healing – their singing bowls are known to have strong relaxing and healing effects (by the way there is a sound of singing bowl in the Sound Mixer).

One thing I have noticed about relaxing music is that 90% of it uses nature sounds in the background. Quite logicly though - probably there are not many things more relaxing than a sound of beach or a sound of rain. Therefore for me most relaxing is nature sounds themselves although sometimes I listen to music too. By the way - has also some indian flute music. Hope it will help you to relax :).

Mixer in real time, visit ::

sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

Psytrance Mastering Services Around The World

Here you have a list of Studios specialized
in Psy-Trance Music; contact and make your questions
if you are interested in finalize your production
in a right way.

Colin Bennun - The Stooodio, Bristol, UK

Kri - Audiovalve, North Carolina, USA

Akhentek - Ilum Studios, B.C., Canada

Jeremy - Attitude Recordings, Montreal, Canada

Dark Elf - KGB Labs, Greece

Liam Dorff - InYourPhaze Mastering, Sweden

Tim Schuldt - 4CN Studios, Germany

Jay/Southwild - Trailer Park Studios, Toronto, Canada

Makus (Overdream), Ukraine

Analog Dimension, Slovakia

Anti Logic Studio, Berlin, Germany

David Jewer - Audio Voodoo Mastering, Canada

David Mostoller - Foods Librarys Studio, USA

Altar Records, Canada

Electrypnose - Intellinoise Studios, Switzerland

Jake Perrine, USA

Mind Distortion System - Mad MaXstering, Belgium

Manifold Studio, Russia (in Russian)

Baba Yaga - Mastering Online, Germany

Jeremy Starseed - Mothership Studio, Sweden

Tommi Sirkiä - Planetaria Studio, Finland

Charles Michaud - Preference Mastering, France

Breto - Psyks Studios, Kosova

Andreh Torres (Bash) - Rotten’s Dungeon Studio, Brazil

Sonic Vista Studios, Ibiza, Spain

Syncmasters Studio, Russia

Artifakt - Timecode Records, South Africa

Tim Larner (Sensient) - Zenon Records, Australia

Read more at ::