viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014

ReaPlugs - Free FX´s Compressor

[Windows, VST]

A preview version of some of the plug-ins that are a part of REAPER,
but in standalone form.



* Ultra-configurable compressor
* Soft knee support
* Sidechain filters, sidechain inputs
* Feedback compression mode
* Program dependent auto-release mode
* Variable RMS size
* Oversampling antialias modes (with optional limiting)
* Optional make-up gain
* Optional lookahead
* Wet/dry mix
* Low CPU use
* Useful metering


* Unlimited band compressor
* Great metering per band
* Fantastic sounding filters
* Solo current band mode
* Tons of controls per band (ratio, threshold, knee, attack, release, makeup,
  program dependent release, feedback detector, RMS size)
* Adjusting bands in graph is easy (modifiers to change ratio, gain, etc).


* Multi-tap delay, no practical limit on tap count
* Up to 10 second delay per tap
* Tap lengths can be in time (s/ms) or quarter notes
* Feedback, LPF/HPF, resolution reduction per tap
* Stereo width per tap
* Volume/pan per tap


* Unlimited band IIR based equalizer
* Support for any number of many types of filters (shelfs, bands, LPF, HPF, notch,
  bandpass, allpass)
* Frequency response and phase response display
* Display of approximate note+octave for frequencies
* Per-band bypass control
* Full-view of graph optional for precise editing
* Mouse modifiers/mousewheel usable for editing bandwidth of points in graph


* FFT based dynamics processor (requires host plug-in delay compensation)
* Supports FFT sizes of 128-32768.
* Useful in/out frequency response display
* Supports defining response curves both using any number of points, or freehand mouse
* EQ - can be used as a linear phase mastering EQ, or as a super-effective surgical EQ
* Compressor - can compress at a fixed ratio with a per-band threshold
* Gate - can gate with per-band threshold
* Subtract - can build noise profiles and subtract noise from the signal


* Ultra-configurable gate
* Sidechain filters, sidechain input
* Lookahead for pre-open
* Hold control
* Hysteresis control
* Variable RMS size
* Can send MIDI events on gate open/close
* Wet/dry mix, noise mix (can add noise when gate is open)


* Supports streaming from host to host of audio and/or MIDI over a LAN segment
* Supports streaming from different host software on each end
* Supports UDP broadcast for streaming one to many (if local network can keep up)

Download here:: Click

Beat Twist - Loop Manipulation - Free VSTi

VSTi for Windows - Standalone Version

SonicXTC has released a Standalone version of Beat Twist, a freeware loop manipulation
VST plug-in for Windows that provides creative ways to transform boring or stale WAV files
into something special. It has a built in bit crusher unit, distortion unit (with bit reduction), overdrive, and step sequencer.


MIDI automation.
Bit Crusher.
Distortion/overdrive units.
Step Sequencer.
VST 2.4.

Download here:: Click

lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

Electri-Q - Free EQ

[Windows, VST]

'Electri-Q' - posihfopit edition' is a simple, intuitive, but powerful minimum phase EQ,
which makes it very easy to adjust the magnitude of any audio material.
Due to its flexibility, it can be used on every track or even as a mastering equalizer.
The plugin offers two different algorithms. The algorithm 'Analog' was modelled on a transistor
based circuit of a real analog EQ. On the other hand 'Digital' is a pure and neutral digital EQ
without any coloration. 'Electri-Q - posihfopit edition' has up to 64 bands and offers several
filter types.

Download here::

Drumatic 3 - Drum - Free

[Windows, VST]

Drumatic 3 is a virtual-analogue drum synthesizer
All sounds are 100% synthetic and allow an enormous flexibility and variation.

Download here::

Bitter Sweet - Free Compressor

[Win/Mac, VST/RTAS]

This dynamic processor manages audio transients.
Turning the central button on the sweet side, decreases the transients amplitude.
On the bitter side, the transients amplitude is magnified. Bitter-Sweet also features
a control for the signal to be processed. When the main position is engaged, the process
affects the stereo signal. If Center is engaged, only the M signal of the internal MS matrix
is processed. If stereo is selected, only the S signal from the MS matrix is processed.
As all Flux:: plug-ins it features 64 bit floating point processing, up to 8 channels and up
to 8 FS (384 KHz). Center and Stereo Mode are only available in stereo (2 channels) processing.

Download here::

sábado, 24 de mayo de 2014

Sharkjumper - Free Ableton Instrument

Here's a guide to the macros::

Spectra: Scans the source sample for a wavetable effect

Formant: Shifts the frequency of the formant peak created by the phaser

Lowpass: Cutoff frequency for the lowpass filter. Works in conjunction with the Wub parameters

Drive Color: Controls the drive amount and EQ of the overdrive effect

Envelope: Morphs the amplifier envelope from a percussive shape to a full sustain, gated shape

Glide: Gliiiiiiide

Wub Rate: Controls the speed of the filter LFO (tempo-synced)

Wub Depth: Controls the depth of the filter LFO


Francis Preve - Sharkjumper (compatible with Ableton Live 8.1.5 and higher)

Rosegarden 14.02 - Musical Notation Editor for Linux - Free

Rosegarden is a music composition and editing environment based around a MIDI sequencer
that features a rich understanding of music notation and includes basic support for
digital audio.

Rosegarden is an easy-to-learn, attractive application that runs on Linux,
ideal for composers, musicians, music students, and small studio or home
recording environments.

Download from here::

viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Kruudster v1.3 for Win - Free


Kruudster is a free Hybrid Synthesizer VST instrument plug-in for Windows
with drawable low resolution waveforms.


3 Oscillators
A Randomizer key triggered or rate controlled.
A Filter with 9 different modes, keytracking and filter mix.
2 Modulatable Delays of which one can be Tuned for Physical Modelling.
1 Arpeggiator
1 Step modulator including a key triggered mode.
PWM for all waveforms
Waveform Morphing and FM
256 presets

Download Kruudster VSTI::

Rez 3 - Little Monosynth Free

From funky squishes, beastly basses, and screaming leads, to tight arpeggiations,
swirling rhythms, atmospheres, bells, and interesting effects, you'll find it all here.
Additionally, it comes with two skins - Yellow & Black, or Black & Yellow.

Rez is a seemingly basic synth, but it's capable of a very wide range of sounds.
While Rez has a bunch of cool features, the beating heart of Rez is its filter.
It's made from multiple chained filters acting as a single powerful filter and it's highly
resonant, providing Rez with its distinctive character. Top that off with distortion,
a phaser, various oscillator modulations, delay, and a killer programmable arp + step sequencer,
and you've got a powerhouse of a synth in a very small package.

Three FXP format banks are included in the zip, providing you with
a total of 384 ass-whupping presets.



miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014

VSTHost - Free

A program to run VST-compatible PlugIns.

It's a VST-compatible host that's capable of::

-loading VST effects (aka "plugins")
-parameterizing / editing them
-sound output for VSTis
-MIDI-input and -output
-loading / saving .fxb / .fxp files
-I/O through either Windows MME or ASIO drivers
-Wave Player / Recorder
-MIDI Player

While the program started mainly as an aid in understanding and debugging VST plugins,
it has evolved into a quite capable program by now which can be really helpful in a
keyboard artist's Live setup.

The current VSTHost version for x86 (i.e., 32-bit code)
Runs on 32- and 64-bit-Windows versions from Windows 2000 up.

Download here::

More files are available for the current version::


WDM ASIO Link Driver v1.4 - Free

This driver allows you to host your real ASIO driver and add windows audio with
no additional latency. It allows you to use your ASIO driver from more than one
application with the inbuilt multi-client support, and you can even send ASIO audio
over the network. It was designed initally for me to be able to listen to and record
music from WDM (windows) audio into my ASIO host program (DAW) so I could play along
with my favourite mp3s!

-Route and mix WDM (windows) audio into ASIO inputs for the host program
-Route and mix WDM audio into ASIO drivers outputs
-Route and mix ASIO driver output to WDM stereo mix
-NEW in v1.4 Multi-client support allows use from more than one application
-Send and receive up to 8 channels of ASIO audio over the network
-Control routings and volumes of all mixed channels
-No additional ASIO latency!

Download the WDM ASIO Link Driver and purchase (with PayPal under the image)
for $19.95 (USD) because the driver sound cuts out for 5 seconds every minute until
registered. Dwonload the documentation which will be installed anyway if you
download the driver.
You can also see my videos on youtube::

You can also download the WDM ASIO Link Driver v1.0 FREE!!!
 and documentation but there is no support for it:(

Download WDM ASIO Link Driver v 1.0::

Download Docs::