viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014

ReaPlugs - Free FX´s Compressor

[Windows, VST]

A preview version of some of the plug-ins that are a part of REAPER,
but in standalone form.



* Ultra-configurable compressor
* Soft knee support
* Sidechain filters, sidechain inputs
* Feedback compression mode
* Program dependent auto-release mode
* Variable RMS size
* Oversampling antialias modes (with optional limiting)
* Optional make-up gain
* Optional lookahead
* Wet/dry mix
* Low CPU use
* Useful metering


* Unlimited band compressor
* Great metering per band
* Fantastic sounding filters
* Solo current band mode
* Tons of controls per band (ratio, threshold, knee, attack, release, makeup,
  program dependent release, feedback detector, RMS size)
* Adjusting bands in graph is easy (modifiers to change ratio, gain, etc).


* Multi-tap delay, no practical limit on tap count
* Up to 10 second delay per tap
* Tap lengths can be in time (s/ms) or quarter notes
* Feedback, LPF/HPF, resolution reduction per tap
* Stereo width per tap
* Volume/pan per tap


* Unlimited band IIR based equalizer
* Support for any number of many types of filters (shelfs, bands, LPF, HPF, notch,
  bandpass, allpass)
* Frequency response and phase response display
* Display of approximate note+octave for frequencies
* Per-band bypass control
* Full-view of graph optional for precise editing
* Mouse modifiers/mousewheel usable for editing bandwidth of points in graph


* FFT based dynamics processor (requires host plug-in delay compensation)
* Supports FFT sizes of 128-32768.
* Useful in/out frequency response display
* Supports defining response curves both using any number of points, or freehand mouse
* EQ - can be used as a linear phase mastering EQ, or as a super-effective surgical EQ
* Compressor - can compress at a fixed ratio with a per-band threshold
* Gate - can gate with per-band threshold
* Subtract - can build noise profiles and subtract noise from the signal


* Ultra-configurable gate
* Sidechain filters, sidechain input
* Lookahead for pre-open
* Hold control
* Hysteresis control
* Variable RMS size
* Can send MIDI events on gate open/close
* Wet/dry mix, noise mix (can add noise when gate is open)


* Supports streaming from host to host of audio and/or MIDI over a LAN segment
* Supports streaming from different host software on each end
* Supports UDP broadcast for streaming one to many (if local network can keep up)

Download here:: Click

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