viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

Cantabile 3 - Free Plugin Host for Windows

Play VSTs, trigger media clips, instantly switch between songs,
integrate with your existing hardware, control it all via MIDI and simply perform better.

Play virtual instruments and effects live
Create re-usable instrument and effect racks
Combine racks into songs
Build a library of songs and put together set lists in minutes
Instantly switch between songs
Setup per-song keyboard splits, transpositions, velocity curves and more
Trigger audio and MIDI clips on the fly
Control everything via MIDI
Remember where you're up to with show notes
Seamlessly integrate and synchronize with your existing hardware
Quickly and easily remap your entire setup to new hardware
Automatically record everything
...and give your best performance at every gig!

Cantabile 3 Lite - Free.
Cantabile 3 Solo Intro Price $69 (Regular Price $79).
Cantabile 3 Performer Intro Price $199 (Regular Price $239).

Download here

Stock - Free Phase Distortion Synth

Stock, phase distortion synth.

Stock is a try on Phase ditortion synthesis,
includes 6Poles SVF filter.
For leads and agressive sounds.

Win 32 VST(0.69 Mb)

Download here

Easy-rave o4 - Free Analog Synth

Easy-rave o4 is 6 osc. analog synth with a step gater.

6 Oscilatorensynth
2  adsr-generators
16 Step-Gater
and more ...
128 Designer-Presets

Win 32 VST(1.23 Mb)

Download here