domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

Mixing Secrets - Tutorial

We are proud to officially announce Function Loops LTD partnership with Razer Music
(hardware giant). We have written 3-part tutorial of mixing secrets and more great stuff
coming soon. The information is completely free, enjoy :)

Read part 1 here

P.S - in the end of the article, check for Pt.2 and Pt.3

miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2015

Helm - Free Synth

Run Anywhere

Helm runs in GNU/Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

Run Helm as a standalone synthesizer or as an LV2, VST, AU, or AAX plugin.

Comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Download Helm here

d-lusion Rubberduck Bass Synth - Free

With this bass synthesizer released for Windows 95 in 1996 (way before
Propellerheads Rebirth, was available), d-lusion pioneered the market of
realtime software synthesizers on standard processors. Roughly based on the
the well known TB-303, Rubberduck's synthesis model consists of an oscillator
wave with a resonant filter sweep applied to it combined with an efficient
hardware sequencer design which resolves in the typical twisted, screaming,
bubbling bass sound that is often used in Acid House, Goa Trance, or Techno
productions. Rubberduck featured realtime digital resonant dynamic filters,
frequency and volume envelope (DCA, DCF), 4 basic waveforms, dual oscillator
sound generation (starting with version 2.0), a 224 note sequencer, a drum
section where samples could be synchroneous played back, an effect unit
(delay/feedback/distortion) and was fully Windows 95 compatible. User feedback
was overwhelming, ranging from "the door-bending bass response makes rebirths 303
section sound like a touch tone device" to "fucking brilliant" and the most famous
quote which says it all: "it is like fucking a hot hollywood bitch for the price of
a corner crack slut". On the other side Rubberduck received impressive press couverage,
from "KEYS" to "Future Music".

Download Rubberduck Bass Synth here

d-lusion MJ Studio - Free

Started with the upcoming of MP3s in the year 1997, a software for
playing music on student parties was developed, called: MJ. A first
public release was available in the year 98. MJ had two decks where
you could play back mp3s, pitch, scratch and mix them with automatic
beat detection - a complete virtual dj solution, including a mixer
with 3-band equalizer with pre-hearing. Further it had a comfortable
playlist with ID3 support and an autoplay feature which could play back
your mp3s seamlessly.

Download MJ here

d-lusion Drumstation - Free

Based on the concept of the legendary Roland drum synthesizers TR-909, TR-808
and TR-606 whose throbbing bassdrums and crashing hihats sent generations of
dance-music enthusiasts into extasy, Drumstation combines cool old drum machine
features with cutting-edge software synthesis technology. Drumstation is a drum
software synthesizer and features 8 channels of drums (either samples or synthesized
drum sounds), programmable via an easy-to-use step sequencer, effects (realtime reverb,
delay, flanger, filter, distortion) for each channel, loops could be sliced and stretched.
All this in the year 1998!

This free downloadable version also contains - beside the standalone software
synthesizer - a complete set of free drum samples and effects to get you started
(Roland TR-606, TR-808, TR-909, Real Drums, Sound Effects, DR-101, DPM-48,
and additional Yamaha/etc. sampled sounds).

Download Drumstation here

Elogoxa VST Archive - Free Plugs

This is a repository of the free VST plug-ins for Windows released by the elogoxa group
between the years 2002 and 2005.

Elottronix - Frippertronics Emulator

Elottronix XL - Frippertronics Emulator

Baxxpander - Vintage Bass Expander

X-Cita - Analog Exciter

Sun Ra - Ambient Texture Generator

Cosmo Girl II - Space FX Synth

The Devil Inside - Distortion + Feedback Synth

Drumz Strip - Simple Sample Player

JG-3 - Three Oscillator Synth

Download here