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KlingKlang Random Drum Hit Machine

Drum Hits, Drum, Drum Generator, Drum Instrument, Rompler, Synth (Sample Based)

A simple drum hit generator,made with some samples from various gear:
 Tempest, Monotron, a DIY synth, Bazille.
Each key plays a single shot sample, from C-1 to G9 (127 single hits in total).
Play some random notes and enjoy.

Windows 32- and 64-bit versions.

Download ver. 1.0::

Clip Shifter - Free Limiter

Clipper, Brickwall Limiter, Mastering Limiter, Soft Clipper.

Clip Shifter is a plugin designed to provide saturation and
clipping effects to your audio. This can be useful for individual
tracks, busses, and overall mixes. The sonic characteristics of
the clipping distortion can be altered from hard, brickwall-style
clipping, to softer saturation with compression.
The threshold controls for Clip Shifter's clipping can be set to
dynamically change based on the transient characteristic of the
incoming audio.

Clip Shifter is available as a Windows 32-bit or 64-bit VST plugin.

Download Ver. 1.0::

Agr - MIDI Step Sequencer

Agr is a MIDI step sequencer with variable number of steps,
randomizer and curve generator.

Download Ver 1.0::

Azurite - Free Chorus

Chorus, Modulation (Flanger - Phaser - Chorus - Tremolo)

Azurite is a multi-voice chorus with a focus on rich sounds
and versatile controls.

Unlike most choruses, Azurite allows for multiple simultaneous voices.
Each of these voices has its own delay line that is modulated by a separate LFO.
Adding multiple voices leads to a thicker, smoother, and less wobbly tone.
It also makes vivid stereo spreading possible with a mono signal.
The Voices control chooses how many voices the chorus uses: one, two, four, or eight.

Other main features:

Stereo or mono operation.
Colour control emulates vintage analog choruses.
2-band EQ.
LFO tempo sync.
Feedback control allows for flanger sounds.
27 built-in presets.
Delay time from 0.2ms to 200ms.
7 LFO shapes: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Ramp, Exponential, Inverse Exponential, and Random.
Spread control for stereo widening of a mono signal.
Control randomizer.
Other controls: Depth, Speed, Wet Mix, Output, Separation, Dry Delay.

Download Ver. 1.0::

lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Reason 2.5 Manual Operativo (Esp)

I have uploaded a copy of this manual in
May be that you need be loged (is free) to download the manual.

Download here::

Catalyst - Free Hybrid Synth

Catalyst produces hybrid waveforms by taking two oscillators,
applying half wave rectification then sticking the results together
to form some unusual waveshapes. The focus of the synth is producing
some interesting, dynamic waveforms. The concepts may not be that familiar,
however the synth has been designed so that each control does something
meaningful and useful. There is an in depth manual on the developer's site
explaining what's going on 'under the hood' and 64 presets to get you started.

Download Ver 1.0::

Vintager Toy - Free

Sound Warmer

As its name suggests, Vintager Toy is a "toy" that modifies the sound to make
it old and/or vintage. The processes are trying to recreate the characteristics
of the sound that is heard in the sound systems of the past.

It can be used as:

an "aging" mastering effect for a mix.

a single track effect to give warmth vintage to instrument, drum or voice.

Download Ver 1.1::

Philteroid - Free Filter

Philteroid is a dual filter effect, suitable for use on various type of rhythmic
sounds (i.e. drums, bass, synth, guitar). Beside pure filter work, Philteroid is
also capable of FM, AM and saturation, and can transform plain sound to one with
unique character and interesting texture.

Various filter types, from basic (LP, BP, HP, BR) to uncommon ones, can be obtained
with filter type blend control and parallel/serial routing of filters. Filters can be
synced in eleven predefined harmonic offsets between filter frequencies and modulated
internally by audio signal (FM), ADSR envelope, envelope follower, LFO; or trough
external input.

Philteroid is also armed with various amplitude modulation sources and can be used as
envelope shaper, expander, noise gate, ring modulator.


Filters: Two resonant filters with filter type mix controls (LP/BP/HP/Notch/All-Pass),
input overdrive and serial/parallel output routing blend control.

Frequency Modulators: FM, ADSR envelope, envelope follower, external audio, LFO, MIDI
(key tracking).

Amplitude Modulators: AM, ADSR envelope, AR envelope, envelope follower,
external audio, LFO.

I/Os: 12 assignable input/output slots for internal and external routing of audio/CV
and MIDI signals.

Controls: Automation of all UI controls (except I/O slots) is possible.
Double-click reset function.

Patches: 128 blank user patches. Patch initialize and patch randomize functions.

Download Ver. 1.0::

jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Rebirth Mods - Download

ReBirth Mods are a celebration of creativity from the user community.
Skilled graphic design artists and musicians have taken ReBirth to a new
level with new interfaces and innovative sample sets. These Mods work
with ReBirth version 2.0.1.

Installing Mods

After downloading the RBM file, move it into the "Mods" directory in
the ReBirth Application folder.

Relaunch ReBirth, and the Mod will appear in the "Mods" pull down menu.

Download 54 Mods (may be that you need be loged in the site)::

Related Page::

Sifft - Fast Fourier Transform

Sifft VST (Sample + Inverse Fast Fourier Transform) is an open source
FFT based wav player that allows separate control over time and pitch.
This simple method of timestretching uses the phase difference between
blocks to reproduce accurate pitch at the expense of creating diffusion
due to phase being misaligned on stretched/compressed blocks.
The result sounds noisy with minor adjustments but reproduces accurate
pitch even with extreme modification (e.g. 1024 times timestretching or
much more is possible). The sample may be scanned as if it were "frozen".
With the inclusion of frequency shifting, Sifft is well suited for
experimental sounds and percussion resynthesis.

Features include:

loads 8, 16, or 24 bit wavs.
3 waveform interpolation modes: none (floor), linear, and cubic.
emulated downsampling to 1 bit.
a bunch of filter modes (low, band, high, cut, peak in Moog, Simper svf
or RBJ biquad).
curveable envelopes and modulating LFO contours.

Sifft includes the core process as a SEM module for SynthEdit users and
c++ source for the process with notes. A selection of other SEMs are
included, e.g. envelopes and filters.


Tapatiki - Free Delay

An 8 tap delay effect, designed with simplicity of operation in mind.
Primarily intended for the creation of rhythmic patterns, Tapatiki offers
a large range of tempo sync options (2/1 down to 1/64, dotted and triplet
options) as well as non-synced delay times of up to two seconds.
Each tap offers level, pan, feedback and a simple filter. This filter can
be placed either within the feedback loop or after it. It offers both low
and high pass filtering in a single control. Taps can be individually disabled
when not required.
A global feedback multiplier can modify the feedback amount of each channel simultaneously from x0 (effectively killing the feedback) to x2.
Although Tapatiki has been tuned to prevent excessive feedback loops,
a Panic button is also offered to kill runaway feedback.
The controls have been designed for ease of use e.g. sliders that can be
dragged from any point, quickly set a controls value with a right-click,
no drop-downs, etc.


miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

Full Bucket's Frequency Shifter

The Frequency Shifter is a VST 2.4 software effect for Microsoft Windows
written in native C++ code.

The main features are:

Frequency shifting up to ±5000 Hz.

Optional LFO with five waveforms.

Four frequency ranges, three mix modes.

Linked or individual control for both stereo channels.

Plug-in comes in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Fully compatible with SM Pro Audio's V-Machine.

The Frequency Shifter shifts the spectrum of the input signal up or
down along the frequency axis. This effect is also know as "Bode Frequency
Shifting" or "Single Sideband Modulation"; IMHO one of the most underrated
and ignored effects ever.

Do not confuse the Frequency Shifter with a pitch shifter! A pitch shifter
multiplies all frequencies of the input signal by a constant factor while a
frequency shifter adds (or subtracts) a constant amount of Hertz to (or from)
those frequencies. Thus, the harmonic structure of the input signal will
not be preserved in the modulated signal, resulting in a raw, inharmonic,
metallic, you-name-it sound the more you apply the effect. Even more,
if you mix a slightly shifted signal with the original input signal you
will get some uncommon phasing sound.


Dust Bucket - Free Chorus

Dust Bucket is an experimental dual-path stereo chorus, also capable
of rudimentary "thru-zero" flanging and other simple modulation effects.
Like a bucket-brigade device, it uses fixed length delays with modulated
sample-rate. It does not attempt to be a circuit model however; the delays
are true stereo and it is designed for clean sound without any non-linear
It should take automation of most parameters reasonably well.
A fairly fast CPU is recommended.


ALIQUOTER - Free Synth

This is an aliquote simple synth built from 6-aliquote tuned oscillators.
It is an additive/subtractive synth, but oscillators are tuned to aliquote
intervals. If aliquote interval is integer, the oscillator is tuned to
standard harmonics. Aliquote intervals are typical to natural sound and
first instruments (woodwinds, fujara, koncovka, natural drums, ...).


sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

The Pulsarix - Aquanaut (2011)

The Pulsarix - Aquanaut (2011)

Electronica - Techno - Chillout

Seven Tracks - 56.36 minutes

Download here::

Zeitgeist – The Century Of Sins (2010)

Zeitgeist – The Century Of Sins (2010)

Minimal, Techno, Zenonesque - December 13, 2010 - Glitchy.Tonic.Records

Four Tracks - 31 minutes

Download MP3 - FLAC - WAV

Ephedrina Volume 1 & 2 (2011)

Ephedrina Netlabel Vol.1
Released 19 April 2011 on Ephedrina NetLabel

Techno - Drum and Bass - Electro

14 Tracks


Ephedrina Netlabel Vol.2

Released 11/08/2011

Techno, Dub, Dubstep, Electro

10 Tracks


jueves, 18 de abril de 2013

Haltya – Japan Anime Punk Sessions EP (2012)

Haltya – Japan Anime Punk Sessions EP (2012)

Experimental, Suomi - June 1, 2012

Four Tracks - 11.37 minutes

Download MP3 - Flac - Wav::

ZuVuYa – Tales Of InterDimensional Travel (2012)

ZuVuYa – Tales Of InterDimensional Travel (2012)

Psycore - April 19, 2012 - Released by Akashik Record

Five Tracks - 1.05 minutes

Download MP3 - Flac - Wav::

Nap – Aristocracy (2013)

Nap – Aristocracy (2013)

Psycore - April 13, 2013 - Released by Akashik Record

Five Tracks - 42.54 minutes

Download MP3 - Flac - Wav::

Sweetgirl Luxury Compressor-Saturator

Soft Compression, Simple Saturation.

The Sweet Girl Compressor/Saturation plug-in is a soft stereo processor
that will fit right in with your collection of limiters, threshold VST effects,
and compressors. Simple to use and easy on the CPU, not to mention that she was knitted from grandmas best fabric. Enjoy.

Designed by Marcus R. Johnson, Acidacide Media for KVR DC 2012.

Download Version 1.0::

Spek – Free Acoustic Spectrum Analyzer

Spek (IPA: /sp?k/, ‘bacon’ in Dutch) helps to analyse your audio files
by showing their spectrogram. Spek is free software available for Unix,
Windows and Mac OS X.


-Supports all popular lossy and lossless audio file formats thanks to the FFmpeg libraries.


-Ultra-fast signal processing, uses multiple threads to further speed up the analysis.
-Shows the codec name and the audio signal parameters.
-Allows to save the spectrogram as an image file.
-Drag-and-drop support; associates with common audio file formats.
-Auto-fitting time, frequency and spectral density rulers.
-Adjustable spectral density range.
-Translated into 19 languages.

Download Unix:: 168 kb


Download Windows:: 8.47 mb


Download Mac OSX:: 6.03 mb


Related Page::

U.F.O. Zone Edition - FREE Synth

U.F.O. ZE is updated version of original U.F.O. plugin with some updates, improvements and fixes. It is a subtractive synthesizer with three oscillators.
Two of them have mutual filter, in which the frequency of oscillators is
modulated by two LFOs. Third oscillator has independent filter, in which the frequency is modulated by three LFOs, two of which are graphical. Final sound
is adjusted by kit of effects (delay, chorus, reverb), which is applied for each group of oscillators apart. Our intention was to reduce CPU usage and to make
clean and simple user interface. U.F.O. ZE includes many presets, which can be extended by preset randomization function. Additional presets can be expected in future updates.

DOWNLOAD LINK for v1.2 (2,1MB):



U.F.O. Zone Edition version 1.0 :

Cosmic exploration - U.F.O. ZE audio demo :

Distort synthony - U.F.O. ZE audio demo #2 :

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Vibe Festival - International Music & Art Festival

Vibe Festival - International Music & Art Festival

Chotevice, Trutnov · Czech Republic · Open Air ·
Th, 28 Jun 12, 22:00h - Su, 1 Jul, 15:00h


Parasense (Bom Shanka Music, Russia)
Psymmetrix (Bom Shanka Music, UK)
Dirty Suffi (Bom Shanka Music, UK)
Asimilon (Bom Shanka Music, UK)
Project Sketch (Arkona Creation Recs, UK)
Malice In Wonderland (2to6 Recs, Bhooteshwara Recs, Austria)
The Grobians (Arkona Creation Recs, Hypnotica Recs, Sweden)
Portal Protection (Arkona Creation Recs, Estonia)
Cream Corp (Digital Dreams Recs, Russia)
Luminexia (Arkona Creation Recs, Digital Dreams Recs, Russia)
-Z- (alpha & antagon/ Sangoma Recs, Germany)
Dohm (Forest Freaks Recs, Lithuania)
Soladria (Sunstation Recs, Finland)
Kalumet (Psylife Recs, Hungary)
Once Upon A Time (Blue Hours Sounds Recs, Bulgaria)
Re-Horakhty (Forest Freaks Recs, Lithuania)
Crystal Monkey (Elestial Records, Switzerland)
Flooting Grooves (Peak Records, South Africa)
DJ Slater & U-Prag Drummers (Tribal Vision Recs, Czech Republic)
Wirrareka (Timeflux Recs, Slovakia)
Galactic Sun (Timeflux Recs, Slovakia)
Fragletrollet (Shaman Films Records, Norway)


Djane Nuky (Bom Shanka Music, Portugal)
Zooch (Arkona Creation Recs, Lithuania)
Djane Naima ( Acidance Recs, Bhooteshwara Recs, Austria)
Liqiud Ross ( Liquid Recs,UK)
Ondrej Psyla (Mystical Waves Records, Czech Republic)
Unitone (Sunstation Recs, Vertigo Recs, Russia)
Pozitron (Trimurti Records, Russia)
Petrix (Transcarpathia Arts, Ukraine)
DustedFly (PsyLifeCrew, Latvia/UK)
Shatki (Arkona Creation Recs, Estonia)
Nolan Shmolan (Zenon Recs, UK)
Miss Piskey (Funtazula Recs, UK)
Cosmogen (Manatargaq, Estonia)
Psyrix (Hedonix, Czech Republic)
Prenatal (Hedonix, Czech Republic)
Nokoklaus (Carpathian, Slovakia)
Harihara (Carpathian, Arkona Creation Recs, Slovakia)
Psylab (California Sun Productions, Portugal )
D-Twin (Movent Recs, Greece)
Upsoull (Movent Recs, Greece)
Paul+ (Arkona Creation Recs, UK)
Atati (TranceCarpathiArts, Ukraine)
Yonagual (7th Heaven Lab & Brethen Collective,Finland)
DJ Slater (Tribal Vision Recs, Czech Republic)
Andreground (Acidmonkey, Brazil)



Flooting Grooves (Peak Records, South Africa)
Dymons (Elestial Records, Switzerland)
Kalumet In Dub (Psylife Recs,Hungury)
Starfish (Arkona Creation Records, Poland)
Lemon Tree (Blue Hour Sounds, UK)
Lunar Vegeterian (Moon Koradji Recs, Finland)
I-one ( Shiva Crew,Czech Republic)
Atati (BlueHourSounds, Ukraine)
Orchid-Star (Liquid Sound, Pink Hampster, UK)
EL ROSTRO DE LA MEDUSA (Arkona Creation Recs, Ibiza)
Unknown Cause (Norway)


Ivgenerate (Arkona Creation Recs, Sticky Jam, Russia)
Chandrananda (Arkona Creation Recs, Italy)
Harihara (Arkona Creation Recs, Slovakia)
Globus (Czech Republic)
Etnospace (Chillum Tribe, Estonia)
Sean Spindrift (Mutagen Recs, Planet Bob, UK)
Dj Chicko (Walachian Tribe,Czech Republic)
Psi Psokoino (Arkona Creation Recs, Estonia)
Tuatara (Trimurti Recs, Organic Family, Belarus)
Red Serpent (Arkona Creation Recs, Lithuania)
Nolan Shmolan (Arkona Creation Recs, UK)
Mihail (Elemental/ Cosmic Frog, Czech Republic)
Kashmir (Hedonix, Czech Republic)
Special Favour (Cubic, Insert Coin Recs,Unrivaled Music, Latvia)
Patra (Zero Point Crew, Slovakia)
Ochen (Lesna Szajka, Mystic Arts Event, Poland)
Navarone (Lesna Szajka, Poland)
Agni (Chillum Tribe, Arkona Creation Recs, Estonia)


Cyreal (Cybofunk, Arkona Creation, Czech Republic)

Anton Shoom (Yegaveda, Lithuania)

Candydelic (Arkona Creation, Lithuania)

Petrix (Transcarpathia Arts, Ukraine)

Elementals (Cosmic Frog Team,Czech Republic )

Ihtianderson (Ukraine)


Intelligent Lights Show by Modio Brothers

Tickets available online at::

Access All Areas Offices-at 2nd Floor, 30c Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AL, UK

Vibe Festival Promo Video 2012 :

For more info please visit the website::

Radio Junk - FX

Distortion, Filter.

It's a small but unique suite of effects made from 2 junky old radios,
one solid-state (from the 70's) and the other a tube radio (from the 50's).
The radios were 'sampled' using technology similar but superior to the
common convolution impulses out there. It's called Nebula, and it can
capture the sound of what's being sampled at different dynamic levels,
and it can also capture some of the distortion, unlike standard convolution.
These effects use a variant of the Nebula tech called 'Acqua', which just
means that these are stand-alone effects, and you don't need Nebula to load
them (it's built in, basically). The radios were sampled in extreme ways
to get some nasty lo-fi effects. Since these were made with the Nebula
technology, they will sound different from other plug-ins out there.
You should grab them and give them a try! They're free!

Download Version 1.05::

Guitar Amp Sim 3 - Free

A stereo guitar amp sim VST effect plugin created in
SynthMaker CM software.


Tone controls for treble, mid, and bass;
Brightness control with lead setting enhancing 106, 254, 1923, and 5447 Hz frequencies and bass setting enhancing 58, 112, 374, and 1187 Hz frequencies;
Filter with lowpass, highpass, bandpass, band reject, and peaking filters and frequency readout of cutoff;
Master volume control;
Bypass on/off switch with momentary "amp power up sound" and glowing amp tube animation.
Comes with 10 presets and capability to save your own presets.
Knobs by Peppermint.
Created with help from the fine people at the SynthMaker forums.

Tested in Sony Music Studio 7, MS Windows XP SP3.

Download Version 3.0::

ReBirth 338 - TechBlur (800x600)

ReBirth 338 - TechBlur (800x600)

miércoles, 3 de abril de 2013

GeoSonix - Graphical Music Composition Environment

GeoSonix is a free open source graphical music composition environment. 
With it you create 2D or 3D "scores" that GeoSonix "plays" sending MIDI
(or OSC) messages to synths of your choice.  GeoSonix was forked in 2011
from open source project IanniX. Since then GeoSonix has added many
features taking it in the direction of slightly more "mainstream" music. 
For example, it includes built in harmony and rhythm processors,
it can interpret bitmap images into (often surprising) MIDI tunes,
and many others.

GeoSonix works smoothly with a vast range of available MIDI synths and
composition environments.It includes many MIDI based example scores and score-generating scripts.There's also a series of online tutorials to get
you started.

You will find in GeoSonix an unprecedented set of features for converting
graphical scores and images into music.

The best way to understand what GeoSonix can do is to see the video
examples on Vimeo here:

GeoSonix is free and open source (GPLv3) and the application is now
available for download for Macintosh OS X 10.6 or higher, Windows XP
or higher (I'm not sure about Windows 8), and Linux (64 bit).

For a little more insight into what it's like to use GeoSonix,
check out the online tutorials here:

GeoSonix is free and open source so you can have it at no cost,
even modify it youself it you choose, and if you are a deveoper
you could get involved in its continuing advancement.

For support, usage questions and to share ideas and music with other
GeoSonix users please join the forum:

Geosonix Downloads::



lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

BS - Solar Storm (2011)

BS - Solar Storm (2011)

Progressive trance Mix of 2011 productions

9 Tracks - 56 minutes

MP3 VBR 192 Kb

Download here::

EOLOGY - Made in Japan (2007)

EOLOGY - Made in Japan (2007)

Trance - Ambient

10 Tracks - 25 minutes

MP3 VBR 192 Kb

Download here ::

TDR Feedback Compressor II (beta)

The TDR Feedback Compressor II is a major design update of its critically acclaimed predecessor. The compressor is dedicated to the highest fidelity stereo program (2-buss) compression, but shines equally in classic mixing tasks.

Most modern compressors analyze the input signal to control gain reduction. This is known as a “feed-forward” topology. The TDR Feedback Compressor II, however, analyzes the output. This approach delivers unobtrusive and highly musical compression characteristics which mean the compressor is able to handle complex signals with ease.

The TDR Feedback Compressor II takes this traditional compression topology to new heights as a state of the art dynamics processor combining an unusual and highly flexible, yet intuitive control scheme. The compressor has been carefully tuned for intuitive and musical operation for almost every situation. No compromises have been made in order to achieve the highest possible quality of dynamic control.

We want to emphasize the fact that the processor neither tries to emulate any previously available device, nor does it follow popular trends like “virtual analogue”, “circuit modeling” or similar buzz words. This is a proud digital processor, made with an immense amount of love and care.

IMPORTANT: The project is in beta testing state. Don’t use it if you don’t want to live with bugs. We don’t guarantee anything. Visit our forum for detailed infos.

Notable features

-Beautiful “Feed-Back Compression” sound and behavior
-64bit floating point precision for all relevant calculations
-Multi-rate processing structure for highest accuracy, critical operations run up to  8 times the original rate
-Delta oversampled signal path (bit transparent without processing)
-Three side-chain filter slopes: 3dB/Oct, 6dB/Oct and 12dB/Oct
-Super fast and natural sounding compression.
-Independent release controls for peak and RMS compression
-Unique control scheme
-Crest Factor control
-Advanced stereo linking options optimized for the stereo bus
-Delta preview mode. Allows to preview the difference between compressed and original  signal
-Latency compensated parallel bypass (i.e. processing not interrupted)

Download Latest version: Beta 9


MAC ::


Cetone Synth 2 - Free

A polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer.

The CetoneSynth2 VST plugin was developed to be a
polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer and
Cetone VST's new flagship.

Here are some key features of "CetoneSynth2":

3 Oscillators with saw, pulse, triangle and noise waveforms, AM, sync and switchable   keytracking
4 Oscillator modes: normal, add, mul and super
Resonant 12/24dB multimode filters
3 Envelopes (amplifier and modulation)
2 LFOs with saw, pulse, triangle and noise waveforms, BPM sync, retrigger, sample and   hold, delay and keytrack
8 note arpeggiator with BPM sync
6 Modulation slots
Chaos button generates random patches
Audio input may be used as modulation source
Most parameters can be controlled by MIDI CCs
Configurable for various CPU architectures (x86, SSE, SSE2)

568 KB / Windows All


VST Host