martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Azurite - Free Chorus

Chorus, Modulation (Flanger - Phaser - Chorus - Tremolo)

Azurite is a multi-voice chorus with a focus on rich sounds
and versatile controls.

Unlike most choruses, Azurite allows for multiple simultaneous voices.
Each of these voices has its own delay line that is modulated by a separate LFO.
Adding multiple voices leads to a thicker, smoother, and less wobbly tone.
It also makes vivid stereo spreading possible with a mono signal.
The Voices control chooses how many voices the chorus uses: one, two, four, or eight.

Other main features:

Stereo or mono operation.
Colour control emulates vintage analog choruses.
2-band EQ.
LFO tempo sync.
Feedback control allows for flanger sounds.
27 built-in presets.
Delay time from 0.2ms to 200ms.
7 LFO shapes: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Ramp, Exponential, Inverse Exponential, and Random.
Spread control for stereo widening of a mono signal.
Control randomizer.
Other controls: Depth, Speed, Wet Mix, Output, Separation, Dry Delay.

Download Ver. 1.0::

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