martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

Sophia - Free Synth

Sophia excels in creating intriguing ambiences and modulated sound effects.
The initial sound generation results from the accumulation of 4 oscillators
and a sub-harmonic wave table. Multiple stages of delay and reverb combine with
various low pass / band pass filtering controlled by an LFO network. In addition,
two separate low pass filters are after the output stage of channels 1/3 2/4 respectively.

All sound processing & signal generation is connected to the master LFO network
(parameter blast-m). The LFO network makes it easy to modulate any key parameter
without using external MIDI controller modulation. However, all of ABV4 Sophia's
parameters are controllable via MIDI control change messages.

Download Sophia (Zip)

Vcs5 - Free Synth

Vcs5 has a good analogue texture, and produces amazing sounds close to the original machine,
the Vcs3, mixed with a modulation matrix of a sort of ARP 2500. With 2 osc, 1 lfo, 2 envelopes,
1 filter, S&H section, and the matrix.

Download Vcs5 (Zip)

AB-VSTi - Free Synth

ABVSTI is a virtual studio synth. This sound generator is designed to plug into your studio
environment and deliver some Audiobulb acoustic elements.

The ABVSTI responds to midi-control data for parameter automation and patch changes.
The Audiobulb inspired control parameters are as follows:

Bttack (cc 73 - attack): A weak attack modulation on the ASDR but also tied to the portamento,
so tweak for acid-room.
Eecay (cc 75 - decay): Tied to the Decay, Sustain and Release, also tied to an kind of added in
VCF thing.
Filter (cc 74 - filter): A basic lowpass, the resonance is tied to something else but if you need
more signal pump up the volume.
Volume (cc 07 - volume): The only way to turn down the noise however the volume level also seems
to effect the way Disastrato, Room, and Prhizzm, Something, & Legs respond.
Something (cc 13 - fx control 2): Something subtle, tied into the delay mech.
Legs (cc 70 - sustain): Delay feedback time dial, however the parameter is also modified by,
Disastrato and I think either Room, or Prhizzm as well.
Disastrato (cc 71 - resonance): An osc/lfo that has some great sounds when changing the disaster
Room (cc 72 - release): Brings in some FM, but the Disastrato/Room/Prhizzm sound is all inter-related and effect each other.
Prhizzm (cc 01 - mod wheel): More Prhizzm gets you up into wave like tones, pull back on Prhizzm to
get some more almost melodic loops, the sustain from the played notes tends to meld together and
add more musical base for the loops.
Emma (cc 12 - fx control 1): A combined ring-type feature that is after the filter stage, also after
the delay stage, and you can get nice ringy drones out of Emma, however Emma responds directly to Disastrato + Room.
Prhizzm, as the combined forces of these parameters = Emma.

Download AB-VSTi (Zip)

lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015

A1TriggerGate - Free



Sequenced Gate / Audio Plugin
16 Steps / 1 Bar
8 Different Patterns
Lowpass Filter + Drive/Distortion + Echo/Delay integrated
Low on CPU
VST / AU / AAX / RTAS Plugin in 32/64bit for PC & MAC

Download AlexHilton

viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2015

Cyborg Music -*- "Borg9" (2015)

This album includes six original tracks
designed with the function in mind to cause intense,
unique and powerful feelings and changes in your
emotions that result in complex states of perception.

This album is a deep trip across the human emotions
that connect with your blissful inner harmony and strike
so deep in your mind you will return to enjoy again
and again.

We are in a matrix and a part of mystery is hidden in
six songs requiring voyages around the cosmos and
finally back to reality with a new impulse, a new energy.

"Borg9" is a fine and powerful selection of progressive songs,
the cover was carefully manufactured and contain all the
information that you need.

Deep respect to you!


01 - Two Drops of Love           08:10 (145bpm)
02 - Invisible Passion                08:28 (146bpm)
03 - Astral Body Sounding       08:20 (138bpm)
04 - Something for your mind   07:43 (140bpm)      
05 - Art Byte Beat                   07:41 (145bpm)
06 - Firebird                            08:34 (140bpm)

                               Total Time: 48.55


Artist:: GD aka Cyborg Music
Release:: "Borg9"
Genre:: Psychedelic
Style:: Psy-Prog
Tracks:: Six
Play-time:: 48:55 min.
Aritist Web::
Label:: Cyberpunk Argentina Netlabel
Url Label::
Release Date:: 2015
Format:: MP3
Bitrate:: VBR kbps
Mode:: Joint Stereo

Released 2014-2015
Posted at Bandcamp 2015

.x[Total Tracks[5]x.-*-.x[Play-Time[48:55].x

Preview Songs at Bandcamp:: 2.30min.- (Free)

Listen and Buy complete album 2015 - Artist Signal

All Rights Reserved © 2015

Cyborg Music - Buenos Aires in my mind (2014)

Cyborg Music from Argentina presents:
"Buenos Aires in my Mind", a powerful musical journey
of 34,06 minutes.Four psychedelic tracks with complex
melodies, scifi soundscapes, effects in dark scenes,
exploring new ways of emotional musical spaces.
These songs was composed with high energy surfing
the dark night inspired with the presence of Ghandarvas.


Artist:: GD aka Cyborg Music
Release:: Buenos Aires in my Mind
Genre:: Psychedelic
Tracks:: Four
Play-time:: 34.06 min.
Label:: Cyberpunk Argentina Netlabel
Release Date:: 25/08/2014
Format:: MP3
Bitrate:: VBR kbps
Mode:: Joint Stereo

Buy at iTunes, only 3.96$

Released 25 August 2014
Writen and Produced by GD-Cyborg Music
Art Cover by Cyborg
All Rights Reserved © 2014

KX-SYNTH-X16-V5 - Free Polyphonic Synth

Vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer.

A virtual analog based on the VCS3 structure.

Download KX-SYNTH-X16,  KX-SYNTH-X16-M or KX-SYNTH-X16-FX

EMS Synthi AKS Synthesizer - Free

Synthi Aks still beats most of other free emulations of EMS synths,
although it is old and no more developed. It is unstable, but it is nice,
because its Oscs sound with an analogical grain, rather close to the original machine...

Download Synthi Aks (ZIP)

miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2015

TS-404 v1.05 - Free Synth

"Virtual Analogue Synth"

Transistor Synth 404 is a virtual analogue, multitimbral synthesizer for Windows 95/98.
You can use it to create fat basslines, melodies or just noise in true TB-303 (ReBirth) fashion.

4 generators
2 oscillators per generator
Freely link generators (so you can easily build 8-oscillator-sounds!)
4 waveforms (saw, 303-saw, square, sine) + 1 user waveform per oscillator
Oscillator Mix, Oscillator Sync & Phase Adjust
Pulse Width
Filters: 12/24dB Lowpass, 12dB Highpass and Bandpass with variable Cutoff and Resonance
Ring Modulator
Frequency Modulation (FM)
LFO on Pitch, Resonance or Cutoff
ADSR + Step gate to cut notes
2 distortion types for each generator
1 delay unit
Step Sequencer with Shift up/down/left/right
Random/algorithmic pattern generator

Download here