miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2015

TS-404 v1.05 - Free Synth

"Virtual Analogue Synth"

Transistor Synth 404 is a virtual analogue, multitimbral synthesizer for Windows 95/98.
You can use it to create fat basslines, melodies or just noise in true TB-303 (ReBirth) fashion.

4 generators
2 oscillators per generator
Freely link generators (so you can easily build 8-oscillator-sounds!)
4 waveforms (saw, 303-saw, square, sine) + 1 user waveform per oscillator
Oscillator Mix, Oscillator Sync & Phase Adjust
Pulse Width
Filters: 12/24dB Lowpass, 12dB Highpass and Bandpass with variable Cutoff and Resonance
Ring Modulator
Frequency Modulation (FM)
LFO on Pitch, Resonance or Cutoff
ADSR + Step gate to cut notes
2 distortion types for each generator
1 delay unit
Step Sequencer with Shift up/down/left/right
Random/algorithmic pattern generator

Download here

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