miércoles, 29 de abril de 2015

Kjaerhus Classic Pack - Free

Kjaerhus Classic Pack is a collection featuring some of the best free audio plugins available.
It includes the following processors:

Classic Auto Filter
Classic Chorus
Classic Compressor
Classic Delay
Classic EQ
Classic Flanger
Classic Master Limiter
Classic Phaser
Classic Reverb

Download Kjaerhus Classic Pack (zip)

DreamStation 1.0 - Free Workstation

DreamStation 1.0 is our old standalone software synth workstation which consists
of an analog synthesizer module, a 32 tracks step-time sequencer, dual stereo FX
processor and an eight channel stereo mixer. We made DreamStation 1.0 free with
the release of its more complex second version.

Up to three oscillators can be used for each voice, where every oscillator is generating
sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse (OSC2&3 square) or noise waveforms. Linear frequency modulation,
ring modulation and hard synchronization are available between OSC1&2. You may replace the
traditional waveforms with 16 bit mono samples, and use them as the source of ring and frequency modulation. A multimode filtering architecture is responsible for eliminating/exciting specified frequencies of the generated signal by supporting 2 pole lowpass, bandpass, highpass, 4 pole
lowpass and formant filter modes. Three ADSR envelope generators (each one individual for the
amplifier, filter and a user defined EG for general purpose), one LFO, vibrato and portamento
are the modulation sections.

Read more here

Download Dreamstation 1.0

CM-505 - Free Drum Machine

CM-505 is the drum machine programmed by Linplug for Computer Music magazine.
It is a drum machine with 12 percussion channels and many kits ready to use.
Each sound can be modified in various aspects and quickly tested.

Download CM 505 (Zip)

SQ8L - Free Synth

SQ8L is a good Ensoniq SQ 80 emulation by Siegfried Kullmann. Typically 80's,
this 8 voices polyphonic synth has 3 wavetable osc, 24 dB low-pass filter,
3 enveloppes and 4 lfo.

Download SQ8L here

viernes, 24 de abril de 2015

Cubase SX Fx Plugin Pack - Free

The Cubase SX effect plugins in a collection pack:


Download Cubase SX Fx Plugins Pack (Zip)

Pterosaur - Free Synth

Pterosaur is a 16 oscillator synth. It’s loosely inspired by the classic Supersaw sound
of the Roland JP-8000 in that the output of each oscillator can be independently detuned
and panned, creating a very rich sound.

The basic waveform produced by the oscillators is a sawtooth wave which can be morphed
into a sort of saw/pulse hybrid with the mod control.

Download Pterosaur V.2 (Zip)

Stardust Mastering Effects - Free

Stardust is a powerful four-in-one mastering VST 2.0 effect plug-in for Windows,
designed to be used as a mastering processor as well as a channel processor.

Download Stardust Mastering Effects (Zip)

sábado, 18 de abril de 2015

Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst and Triple EQ - Free

Two free plugins by Blue Cat Audio: a frequency analizer and an equalizer.

Download Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst/Triple EQ (Zip)

Micro Modular - Free Polysynth

Micro Modular, by efm, is a polysynth with many components (4 Osc, 1 filter,
3 enveloppes, 1 matrix, added effects like pan, delay, chorus and an arpeggio),
that produces clear, clean, metallic sounds, good for some strings and fine leads.
The high tech LCD like user interface is clear, nice and rather easy to use...
Not an extraordinary one, but useful.

Download Micro Modular (Zip)

Phasm - Free Synth

Phasm, by Novaflash too, has 4 Oscs, 2 envelopes, 2 Lfo, 2 filters, some effects
(disto, delay...), and a joystick. Carefully skinned, like Novaflash products,
it has an easy-to-use and clear GUI, and it makes soft, smooth, mellow metallic
sounds for delicate pads. A very good one.

Download Phasm

Nord Modular G2 Editor - Free

Windows and Mac

Nordlead Modular G2 Editor, by Clavia, in demo version, is the software editor
of the well known swedish red machine ! This free version is only mono, and has
not all the modules of the hardware synthesizer. It is not a vst instrument and
it can be used only in standalone mode. But you can make and save your own patches.
It is a big modular synthesizer that can do many things, with a very good sound quality.

Download Nord Modular G2 Editor

Download 311 patches (Rar)

martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Atomic Cloud Grain Cloud Generator - Free

The Atomic Cloud Grain Cloud Generator takes an audio file as input, and generates
a granular synthesis grain cloud in real time. Grain clouds are played back through
your speakers, and can also be rendered direct to disk, while you listen, for further

Download Atomic Cloud here

PhadiZ - Free Phase Distortion Synth

AlgoMusic's PhadiZ is a free phase distortion synth (think Casio CZ101) with lots
of stereo options including a very unique panning/filter swoosh sound for great pads.

    2 Oscillators
    6 Envelopes
    2 LFO's
    built-in delay
    ringmodulator make this a unique synth with a sound all of it's own.

Includes a preset bank by Tim Conrardy, and a nice collection of phase distortion
bass sounds by TechNoiz.

Download PhadiZ (Zip - 0.64Mb)

SFZ Designer - Free Visual Sample Mapping Tool for Windows

Mildon has released SFZ Designer, a free visual sample mapping tool optimized for
multiple velocity and round-robin layers. It features a streamlined workflow,
assisted opcode entry, draggable key-range and velocity splits-points, and more.
It supports all SFZ 1.0 opcodes (full 2.0 support coming soon) and directly exports
to .sfz format.


    True visualization of groups (key-range > velocities > samples).
    Draggable key-range and root key selection over the pianoroll.
    Draggable velocity layer split-points (up to 8 velocity layers).
    Supports multiple round-robin samples per velocity layer.
    Tune, Pan, and Volume controls for each sample.
    Transpose, Pan, and Volume controls for each group.
    Assisted opcode entry with auto-suggest and validation.
    Advanced opcode apply-to-all options.
    Group cloning and structure cloning.
    Accepts currently unsupported opcodes.
    Project-level Amplifier DAHDSR controls.
    Global Override at project/group/region-levels.
    Full support for SFZ 1.0 opcodes (soon SFZ 2.0 support).
    Export-As-SFZ with auto-conversion of sample paths to relative paths.

Download SFZ Designer

Phibes - Free Organ Emulation

Phibes is an electric organ emulation, which includes 9 drawbars with five different tones,
vibrato, tremolo and rotator effects, and staccato mode.

Download Phibes (Zip)

PhaseBender - Free Polysynth

PhaseBender by Bibasoft is a small poly-synth with only one morphing osc based on
two auto-sync phase shapes and three waveforms that can be redrawed with the mouse.
It can be modulated with a 16 step sequencer. An unison mode, a tremolo and a vibrato
improve the sound that is by far not the best, with aliasing, but i like the principle
and this dirty and granulous sound.

Download PhaseBender (Zip)

miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015

Audio Samples - Free Packs

A small but comprehensive collection of WAV samples for the beginner (50 files in total).
Includes all the basic, typical sounds.

Download here (Zip)

A collection of WAV samples (199 files in total) featuring various instrumental categories.

Download here (Zip)

A collection of WAV samples (24 files in total) featuring diverse rythmic sequences
of electronic music genre.

Download here (Zip)

A collection of WAV samples (128 files in total) featuring three drumkits
(Acoustic, Dance and Hip Hop), hits, loops and percussions.

Download here (Zip)

Oxytocin - Free Synth

Oxytocin, by Novaflash, is a rather complex 9 voices polyphonic substractive synth
(with some FM added), in a beta version at the moment. Coming with a beautiful GUI
(like all Novaflash products), its 2 Osc, 2 Lfo, 1 ring modulator, filters, dirtortion,
arpeggiator, 2 step sequencers, delay, reverb, chorus, spatializer, and other components,
with envelopes everywhere, allow to produce very interesting fat and thick sounds,
for rather deep leads, arpeggios, sequences and so on. Try it. A very good one.
Consumes a lot of CPU.

Download Oxytocin

GTG Free Drum Machine

GTG FreeDrum is an user-programmable drum synth with LED indication for each key stroke
and velocity sensitive. Create your own sounds using parameters like body, decay, noise,
mod, etc.

Download GTG Free Drum (Zip)