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Podolski - Free Synth

Mini Synthesizer

Podolski is a simple, CPU-efficient virtual analogue synthesizer.
Basically a cut down version of FilterscapeVA with just one oscillator,
one filter, one envelope and two LFOs,
it also features a Zebra-style arpeggiator/sequencer plus chorus and
delay effects.

Podolski's specialities are the Click parameter (emphasizes the filter
attack) and its ability to seamlessly morph between three waveforms (WaveWarp).

System Requirements:

-Current PC or IntelMac
-CPU with SSE2
-MacOS X 10.5 or newer
-Windows XP/Vista/7
-1GB RAM, more recommended
-20MB free disc space
-display 1200x800px and up
-On Mac: VST2, VST3 or AU compatible host software
-On PC: VST2 or VST3 compatible host software
-supports 32bit and 64bit in all formats
 (support for Pro Tools tba)

DoWnload PC VST 32-64::

Download MAC VST-AU::

Lisp - Level Independent Sibilance Processor

Whether you use a traditional de-esser, sidechained compressor, dynamic EQ,
or even edit your tracks manually, cleaning up sibilance problems in your vocals
can get pretty tedious.
Lisp is new type of de-esser that aims to speed-up this process with its
automatic sibilance detection algorithm.

Internally tuned to the human vocal range, Lisp can automatically detect and
lower annoying "ss", "teh", and "ch" sounds in your audio by tracking both the
amplitude and pitch of its input in real-time. Just set the reduction amount
and let Lisp do the rest!

Lisp's internal algorithm doesn't rely on traditional threshold/frequency-based techniques
found in most current de-essing systems. Instead, it uses a modified form of the
Sleepy-Time Records transient detection algorithm coupled with fast frequency detection
and phase-cancellation methods to remove unwanted sibilance, regardless of the input level.
The result is a very natural and pleasing vocal with harsh "s" sounds under control
no matter what distance the singer is in relation to the microphone. Not only that,
but the entire process is highly CPU efficient, allowing you to use more instances
in your project.

Lisp is available for Microsoft® Windows® 32-bit and 64-bit systems in
the VST2 and VST3 formats. All formats are included in a single downloadable
.zip file.


LiveProfessor 1.1 Beta5 (Upd)

Want to use VST plugins on stage?
LiveProfessor is a software for using VST-plugins in live audio.
Using ASIO audio interfaces and as many plugins as you like,
you can create a effect rack with VST plugins.

Changes worth noting:

-Bug when dragging items to the cue lists after deleting cue actions.
-Miksebord caused error messages when you drag things over the plugin-UI.
-Plugin categories: Not possible to have on plugin in a category,
 added option to delete categories and removed a bug where it was
 possible to create categories with out a name.
-Cue lists/LiveProfessor use less resources now.
 It was not possible to create more then about 80 cue lists
 when the system would get unstable. Should be fine to add about 200 now.
-Fixed a bug with the Maximize to Full screen option.
-The options to reverse a controller assignment did not work
 when Transformation was active.


Linux Multimedia Studio 0.4.14 has been released!

Available for Linux and Windows

What is LMMS?

LMMS is a free cross-platform software which allows you to produce
music with your computer. This covers creating melodies and beats,
synthesizing and mixing sounds and arranging samples.
You can have fun with your MIDI keyboard and much more
– all in a user-friendly and modern interface.
Furthermore LMMS comes with many ready-to-use instrument and effect
plugins, presets and samples.


-Song-Editor for composing songs
-A Beat+Bassline-Editor for creating beats and basslines
-An easy-to-use Piano-Roll for editing patterns and melodies
-An FX mixer with 64 FX channels and arbitrary number of effects
 allow unlimited mixing possibilities
-Many powerful instrument and effect plugins out of the box
-Full user-defined track-based automation and computer-controlled
 automation sources
-Compatible with many standards such as SoundFont2, VST(i), LADSPA,
 GUS Patches, and MIDI
-Import of MIDI files, Hydrogen project files and FL Studio project files

Download Here::

Related Page::

miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Fusion Delay

Delay - Echo

Fusion Delay is a Windows VST designed to create syncopated and
evolving delays to any signal. What makes Fusion Delay special and
unique is the Plasma section that can be fused with the built in
delay signal chain. To our knowledge, Fusion Delay is the only free
VST Plugin to use sonic "Acoustic Dispersion" effects.
Acoustic dispersion is the phenomenon of a sound wave separating
into its component frequencies as it passes through a medium.
The "Plasma" section utilizes our acoustic dispersion modeling technology.
It can be fused (mixed) with the "Delay" section by using the "Fusion" controls.


Visit for more information.

Hot Robot Vocoder

Design-S Hot Robot Vocoder is a vocoder VST effect.
It is written in C# and requires .NET 4.0.

What differs this vocoder among others are its bands.
You can drag them and resize them as you wish to affect
the output sound. You can change number of bands from
4 to 40 by turning the bands knob.

It has a setup package to simplify installation.


The Total Composure Orchestra

Orchestral, orchestral brass, Orchestral Percussion,
Orchestral Strings, orchestral woodwind.
Soundware for: Kontakt, nki.

The Total Composure orchestra (TCO) is a full orchestral sample library
created using only samples that are in the public domain.
Total Composure is the first to offer such a library exclusively for
the Kontakt format; making use of Kontakt's scripting capabilities to greatly
enhance the playability, realism, and functionality of these public domain samples.

The scripting aims to provide similar functionality across the different
instrument groups, whatever the instrument; while more specific settings
play to the strength of each instrument.

Most of the instruments only contain one set of samples per articulation,
and some only have one recorded dynamic layer – this is one of the many
limitations we have found with using public domain samples. We have overcome
these issues using a variety of physical modelling techniques that enhance the
audio material. Using dynamic filters and intelligent repetition scripting we
have removed the limitation of single dynamic recordings and solitary sample sets.

Although we have put a lot of work into this product it is important to remember
that at its core are the samples provided free of charge by a small number of people.
Total Composure has gathered these samples from various locations and brought them
all to one place where they can be used together.
There are over 1500 samples in this library totalling more than 1.5 GB
but we have used Kontakt's lossless compression to crunch the size to less than 500MB!

Video You Tube::


Maxwell Smart - Limiter

Maxwell Smart is an intelligent and transparent loudness maximizer
/ brickwall limiter with look-ahead.
It has fully automated sound characteristics and it's designed to
maintain transients without audible distortion, even on the difficult
low frequencies.
It also has clever inter-sample peak detection (similar to oversampling)
to avoid true peaks from hard clipping.


-Controllable threshold and ceiling (0dB ... -24dB).
-2.7ms look-ahead (latency compensated).
-Automated settings controlling peaks and average levels separately.
-Inter-sample peak detection.
-All sample rates supported.

Download Ver. 1.03::

martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

Triple Cheese - Free Synth

Luscious cheesy comb synthesizer

Winner of the 2006 KVR Developer Challenge, Triple Cheese is a
unique-sounding freeware synthesizer plugin.
Triple Cheese doesn't use any of the classic synthesis
techniques – substractive, FM or additive – but various forms of
comb filter i.e. very short chromatically tuned delays.
The three cheese modules in a row either generate their own signal,
or process the output of the previous module.

System Requirements

-Current PC or IntelMac
-CPU with SSE2
-MacOS X 10.5 or newer
-Windows XP/Vista/7
-1GB RAM, more recommended
-20MB free disc space
-display 1200x800px and up
-On Mac: VST2, VST3 or AU compatible host software
-On PC: VST2 or VST3 compatible host software
-supports 32bit and 64bit in all formats
 (support for Pro Tools tba)

Download VST2/3+AU universal binary for Mac::

Download VST2/3 for Windows::

Orchestral Strings One

Orchestral Strings One was recorded utilizing the legendary acoustics
in the famous Berliner Hall - home of the world class BERLINER PHILHARMONIKER.
Our full string orchestra contains 14 violins, 10 Violas, 8 Cellos and
6 Double Basses. Now it's your turn to experience this huge orchestral
section as a useful string instrument. Sound Magic has created Orchestral
Strings One as a single ensemble complete with the beautiful ambience of
this amazing hall.
This incredible instrument will quickly become your "go to" string orchestra.
No longer will you have to try and build a similar sound with several different
string instruments or sections, burning up tracks, RAM, CPU cycles and your
valuable time!

Violins, violas, cellos and basses are considered to be nearly impossible to
sample into realistic sounding instruments. And the String Ensemble is the holy
grail of these string instruments. KVR's Developers Challenge has provided
Sound Magic with an opportunity to push the boundaries of our Hybrid Modeling
Technology by creating Orchestral Strings One. Our quest for extreme realism not
only lets us flex our engineering and computational chops.
it gives you an incredibly useful freebie!


-Innovative Sampling technologies put 14 violins, 10 Violas, 8 Cellos and
 6 Double Basses into One instrument.
-Neo Hybrid Modeling Engine make the full strings section into 200MB.
-Innovative Key Switch and Controller system makes it ideal for use in
 live performance.
-Can real-time switch between Spic, Staccato, Pizzicato, Legato, Cresando,
 Decresando, PFP, Vibrato, Tremolo, Trills and Sordino by Key Switches and
 MIDI Controllers.
-Fully controllable legato system.
-Auto Rhythm Tool helps you better and quicker play repeated notes on fly.
-Multi Microphone Positions, Player, Audience and Ambience/Room.
-Small RAM usage and Light on CPU.
-Built-in High-Quality Reverb.
-Built in 64-Steps Sequencer enable users to compose their string phrases
 in a quickest and efficient way.
-Support Add-ons System.

Download Ver 1.05::

Patagon - Free FM Synth (esp)

Sintetizador virtual FM - Analógico con secuenciador de 16 pasos.
Hace hacer arpeggios electrónicos, pads, instrumentos acústicos, etc.
El secuenciador, el LFO y el Tremolo están sincronizados con el Tempo.


Stand Alone::



Aurelia Filtha - Analog Filter

Aurelia-Filtha is a Fullstereo-Lowpass-Filter-Plugin with following specs:

-Special Low-Pass Filter (known from my easy-muug/Protege Emus.
-LFO 2 with 6 waves (sin/saw/ramp/trigon/pulse and s/h) with manual.
-modulation-time (FREQ) and Depth-potis - Inverter (positive/negative).
-Targets: LFO 1 - Cutoff - Resonance - off.
-LFO 1 with 5 waves (sin/saw/ramp/trigon/pulse) Host-Syncron - Disvisor.
-Inverter and Depth-poti - Target: Cutoff.
-Midi CCs are shown at tooltips in brackets.
-Dry/Wet-poti - 64 Patchslots (only 6 Presets at moment, Sorry for that, please).

Download VER. 1::

Set a Custom URL Username for Your Facebook

We recommend picking a short and memorable username that reflects
your company name or brand. You cannot change your username,
so think wisely and ask for a second opinion when deciding on your
page’s permanent username.

Now I will walk you through the steps to create your custom Facebook URL.

- Login to Facebook, with the account that administers your Facebook Page

- Go to::

- You will see in a yellow box, the username for your PERSONAL profile.
  This is not related to your Page   username.

- Below, you will see a link that says, “Set a username for you Pages”

- Click on that link

- A box will appear, and if you have more than one Facebook Page which
  you administer, you will see a drop down menu with all of your Pages
  displayed. Pick the desired Page from the list.

- If you are eligible for a username, meaning you have at least 25 fans
  and have not yet set your username, you will see a box that says
  “Enter Desired Username”

- If you select a page that does not have 25 fans, Facebook will tell you
  that you are not eligible. If you pick a page with already has a username,
  Facebook will display the current username, which cannot be changed.

- Once you enter a username, you can click “Check Availability.”
  If your desired username is available, you will see a box reminding you
  that you cannot change your username once it has been set.

- If you are ready to set your username, click “Confirm.”

- Now you have a custom Facebook URL! Share it on your other social networks,
  and you can even have it printed on your business cards.

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Phone Booth Robbers – Falling Into One (2013)

Phone Booth Robbers – Falling Into One (2013)

Downtempo - April 17, 2013 - Released by Omnitropic

Twelve Tracks

Download MP3, Flac, Wav::

Nebulis - Mystik Universe (2006)

Nebulis - Mystik Universe - 2006


Ten Tracks - 1 hour 2 minutes

Download MP3 - 192 KBPS VBR::

Afgin – Emotional Peaks (2011)

Afgin – Emotional Peaks (2011)

Goa, Uplifting - February 10, 2011 - Released by Premium Music

Six Tracks - 44.40 minutes

Download MP3 - Flac - Wav::

Nuage – Vivant (2013)

Nuage – Vivant (2013)

Ambient, Downtempo - April 1, 2013 - Released by Purple Hexagon Records

Five Tracks - 41 minutes

Download MP3 - fLAC - wAV::

martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

Zoungla - Entwine (2013)

Zoungla - Entwine (2013)

Ambient, Downtempo - April 6, 2013

Released by Maia Brasil Records & Melodic Revolution Records & Omnitropic

Nine Tracks - 1 hour 11 minutes

Download MP3 - Flac - Wav::

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Cyborg Music -*- Cyberdelia (2013)

Cyborg Music -*- Cyberdelia (2013)

Cyberdelia is a collection of songs
made between 2012 and 2013.
I called this production "Cyberdelia"
inspired in the great movement of
psychedelic musicians that are
working in the net.
All the songs was composed in 145 bpm,
and was performed in psychedelic-psytrance

01 - Music Dimension (ProtoTrip-Ver.2)      07.13
02 - Three Days Without Sleep (Ver. 2)      08.16
03 - Lucid Steps into Aquarius (Ver,3)      07.56
04 - Night Apple                            07.54
05 - Urban Interference                     08.00

.x [All Tracks in 145 bpm ] x.

.x [ PLAY-TiME [39:19] -*- TOTAL TRACKS [5] ] x.

Free Download - MP3 192 kbs VBR::

Shared under Creative Commons License

All Rights Reserved © 2013

* click on image for get large cover

Wizax – The Remixes 2012

Wizax – The Remixes 2012

Full-On - June 14, 2012 - Released by Neurotrance Records
Three Tracks - 20 minutes

Download MP3 - FLAC - WAVS

Atomic Cat - Trance Imagination (2010)

Atomic Cat - Trance Imagination (2010)

Trance, Dance, Ambient, Club

Ten Tracks - 54.27 minutes

Download MP3 - 192 kbps VBR::

Globular – A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (2012)

Globular – A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (2012)

Downtempo, Psy Dub - March 23, 2012 - Released by Gliese 581C & Omnitropic

Eight Tracks - 1.19 minutes

Download MP3 - Flac - Wavs::

P.Tale – Blue Sky System (2013)

Darkpsy - April 3, 2013 - Released by Forest Freaks

Nine Tracks - 57 minutes

Download MP3 - Flac - Wav