viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

LiveProfessor 1.1 Beta5 (Upd)

Want to use VST plugins on stage?
LiveProfessor is a software for using VST-plugins in live audio.
Using ASIO audio interfaces and as many plugins as you like,
you can create a effect rack with VST plugins.

Changes worth noting:

-Bug when dragging items to the cue lists after deleting cue actions.
-Miksebord caused error messages when you drag things over the plugin-UI.
-Plugin categories: Not possible to have on plugin in a category,
 added option to delete categories and removed a bug where it was
 possible to create categories with out a name.
-Cue lists/LiveProfessor use less resources now.
 It was not possible to create more then about 80 cue lists
 when the system would get unstable. Should be fine to add about 200 now.
-Fixed a bug with the Maximize to Full screen option.
-The options to reverse a controller assignment did not work
 when Transformation was active.


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