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Trance Zone Retro LE - Free Synth

Freeware Super Saw synthesizer, Trance Zone Retro LE, is a recreation of those old
classic synthesizers that brought the "Super Saw" sound to the dance floor.
Trance Zone Retro LE is designed to create a classic "Super Saw" sound by using a
series of saw oscillators. It comes with 16 presets to get a user started down
the Super Saw path.


200 user presets, 16 custom presets.
MIDI automation.
5 Tunable Oscillators.
Reverb effect.
VST 2.4.

Download here::


VST Instruments - Freeware List

A selection of freeware instruments  in VSTi/AU plugin format::

Drum Machine/Synth :: Click

Organ :: Click

Piano (Electric) :: Click

Sampler :: Click

Sound Module/Workstation :: Click

Soundfont Player :: Click

String Machine :: Click

Synthesizer (Emulation) :: Click

Synthesizer (FM) :: Click

Synthesizer (Subtractive/VA) :: Click



miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

IO - Free VST Effect Plug-in Collection for Windows

(Win - VST)

B.Serrano has released IO, a free collection of VST effects for Windows.

IO Includes:

A paraphonic multi-mode Filter.
A Phaser.
A Volume modifier.
An Auto-Pan.
A Ring-Modulator.

These effects are driven by a sophisticated GUI envelope.
Default time value is in seconds.
Duration is theoretically infinite so this envelope can run from 1 nanosecond
to several minutes or hours.

Download here::  Click

For more information::


Kx-PolyMod Synth - Free

Vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer with stereo SF2 player.
To build analog 70's leads!

Stereo routing.
Up to 6 voices.
15*12 Matrix controlled by 5*5 Sub matrix, include 4 Kxmod sources.
5 Vcos with 5 waveforms, include the TriSaw, with Phase modulation and Sync
(Vco1 only).
Oscillators 100% compatible with the Kx-Modulad's waveforms (med, 498k).
1 Stereo SF2 player (16 and 24 bits).
1 SF2 drum set (24 bits, 12 samples, 3.3 Mo).
4 Keyboard traking (-10 to 10) for the Vcos and the Vcfs.
1 Ring Modulator with EQ.
1 Noise Generator with EQ.
1 Monophonic LFO with ADSR.
2 Mulitmode VCFs (20) with oversampled processes.
4 Polyphonic EGs with curves for each segment, velocity and Kbd controls.
1 X Y joystick controller.
1 Sample & Hold.
10 host sync clocks.
1 compressor.
1 oversampled Distortion.
1 Soft Vintage EQ.
2 Delays with sync, multimode filter and modulation oscillator with sync.
1 Scope with 10 ms of buffer size.
1 Frequency display.
1 Note pad.
Full Midi learn.
Internal Fxp and Fxb management.
128 KX's presets, very 70's!

Download here::  Click



KlipFreak - Free Clipper Plug-in

Mac & Win VST, AU & RTAS

KlipFreak is a free clipper plug-in.

Really simple to use, only 3 controls.
Try it on your drums, or master track.

Download KlipFreak for Windows::  Click

Download KlipFreak for Mac OS X::  Click

Download KlipFreak for ProTools 10/11 (Win)::  Click

Download KlipFreak for ProTools 10/11 (OS X)::  Click

Kujashi Sonic Deepness Bank for SuperSonico

Solcito Musica has released Kujashi Sonic Deepness, a new free preset bank for SuperSonico
made by the musician/sound designer Kujashi.



It includes analog bass, solos, leads, strings, pads and various other sounds.

Download Bank here::  Click

sábado, 19 de julio de 2014

Dune 1 Sound Sets - Free

Dune Big Pack - 212 Sounds

Download::  Click

Trance for Dune - CM Version - 84 Sounds

Download::  Click



Karoryfer - Two Free Glitch Sample Libraries

For Kontakt, SFZ and WAV

Karoryfer has released two libraries of glitch samples,
Zamenhof Stickmusterstuch Error Eins and
Zamenhof Stickmusterstuch Error Zwei.


85 samples each.
Both one-shots and loops.
Samples from various digital sources processed using both software
effects and Korg Kaoss Pad hardware.
Kontakt instrument, SFZ mapping and WAV files included.

Download size: 21 MB for Eins, 53 MB for Zwei.

Download Zip::  Click



Rootstep Sample Pack - Free

Rootstep is the latest release from Spf Samplers, that features a marvelous assembly
of deep wobble basses, Lush melodic synth lines, heavy beats and dubbed out guitar
and keys parts.

Rootstep Sample Pack is totaling 385 (566.4mb unzipped) loops and hits, Rootstep delivers
the all-important tools needed, whether you produce, dub, rootstep, dubstep or reggae this
pack will have what you need.

It must be added even thou this sample pack is designed for Rootstep this should not stop
you using it for other genres. It can bring a instant flavor and vibe to any production,
with its quirky keys, detailed atmospheres and deep synth loops.

All loops are tempo synced at 140BPM and are keyed where necessary. Each Loop and hit is
recorded at 24bit Wav.

Download Free Sample::  Click

Buy Sample Pack £16.90::  Click



Roland TR-606 Sample Pack - Free

The clean Roland TR-606 recordings have been provided by anderson303.
He sampled his modded TR-606 prior to selling it, doing a great job at
capturing all the different sounds this drum machine can produce.
The sampled machine was actually the Exfade mod version of the instrument,
which made it possible to tweak the pitch of each drum hit.

The raw takes provided by anderson303 were then recorded to my trusty old
cassette deck and re-sampled back to digital format. I recorded the samples
to a CrO2 audio cassette at two different gain settings. The first take was
recorded at medium gain, adding a bit of noise and crunch to the original
sounds. The second take was really hot and a bit over the top, adding lots of
distortion to the sound and resulting in a variety of meaty kicks and
punchy snares.

The final product contains both the clean recordings and the tape processed
samples which have been organized into two separate drum kits.
I’ve also added three Poise drum kit mappings to the pack.


-128 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format
-72 clean Roland TR-606 one shot samples
-56 tape processed Roland TR-606 one shot samples
-3 Poise drum kits (DKT format)
-Demo track (320 kbps MP3)

Download here::  Click

(9.47 MB download size, ZIP archive)

martes, 15 de julio de 2014

Synth 1 - Big List of Banks (Free)

Here you have many banks of presets for the VSTi and DXi Synth 1.
In these soundsets you'll find synthbasses, synth brass, arpeggio's,
gated sounds, TB-103 sounds, soundfx, kicks, percussion, pads and more.

Just put these preset files in any soundbank folder available in your synth1 directory
(c:\program files\synth1\soundbank0x), or open the options in     Synth 1 and set a
new bank.


Dreamtime (DT) - Alfmeister's Magic Cracker Bank (Lauri T - Retired Droid)


Art Institute Banks 1 & 2 (maxcarra, Art-institute)


Braindance Bank 1 (Juan Mendoza - Dj Nito)


Chris-S Bank (Chris-S)


Dubstep and DnB (Xenos)


Dezma Soundsets (Dezma)



Dover's Banks (Doveraudio - dover666)


Ann's Banks and Organs (Annabelle - Nolwenn)




Evil Dragon's Bank 1 (EvilDragon - DragonSagoth)


Factory Presets (Ichiro Toda - daichi1969)


Gecko's Soundbank (Gecko Yamori)


GMulator, Xtacular 1, Xtacular 2 Banks and Pizz Patch (RetroHead - 1-2-Many)


JamesXIIC's Presets (JamesXIIC)


JF Soundbank 1 (JF)


Kuro's Synth1 Bank (Kuro)


Mr. Wobble (Chris - hakey)


Noisecrux Preset Bank (Andrew Flores)


Noisecrux Drum Presets (Andrew Flores)


Rydsound (Rydeen)


Stephan Musch's Banks (Stephan Musch - rsmus7)


SSR Bank (SSR)


Summa and DocT's Soundbank (Summa and DocT)


Tim Conrardy's Presets (Tim Conrardy)


Tonius Banks 1 & 2 (timius)


Trance Soundbank & DEMO FLP (Rinfield)


miércoles, 2 de julio de 2014

In'R'Voice - Reanitrance - Free

Reanitrance is a journey into the dark sides of the Cosmos, into the World of Abstract Thought,
the place were ideas born. In'R'Voice's album is a true emotional roller-coaster, a sci-fi
soundtrack. In'R'Voice is a long running (22 years to be exact) London based Russian project,
known for being one of the most mysterious Electronic Music project among the ultra modern
Electronic bands. It mixes Industrial, Psychedelic Trance and Techno into one blend of emotional
space music.

released 14 January 2014
Written and produced by Den Kozlov
at Ultraviolet Studio Moscow

Download here::  Click

(For free download set the price 0.00US)

VA - Brothers in Arts (Free Release)

This Compilation is our statement. We are Russian and Ukrainian sound producers
of the Underground Culture present it to you, our listener. We don’t believe in a
big words, instead our music speaks. We create music and we will create it together.
Because we are Brothers in Arts.

released 03 April 2014
Compiled by In’R’Voice / CJ Catalizer / Nostromosis
Coverdesign by Ondreo Argentum
Mastering by Manmara
(P) Kissthesound Records
© Free Release

tags: electronic acoustic ambient chill chillout downtempo electronica instrumental
psybient psychill United Kingdom

Four CD´s - 48 songs

Download here::  Click

(For free download set the price 0.00US)

Flucturion 2.0 - Fluid (Free)

Flucturion 2.0 is a project by Konstantin Yakushin. Drawing inspiration from a large
range of musical genres, from dark psytrance to tech house and breaks,
Flucturions new sound reflects the progressive side of his talent. Every track is a
little story. A new album Flucturion 2.0 Fluid is a lush trance underground electronica,
beautiful, driving, emotional.

released 10 February 2014
Written and produced by Konstantin Yakushin
(P)&(C) Kissthesound Records UK

Download here::  Click

(For free download set the price 0.00US)