sábado, 19 de julio de 2014

Rootstep Sample Pack - Free

Rootstep is the latest release from Spf Samplers, that features a marvelous assembly
of deep wobble basses, Lush melodic synth lines, heavy beats and dubbed out guitar
and keys parts.

Rootstep Sample Pack is totaling 385 (566.4mb unzipped) loops and hits, Rootstep delivers
the all-important tools needed, whether you produce, dub, rootstep, dubstep or reggae this
pack will have what you need.

It must be added even thou this sample pack is designed for Rootstep this should not stop
you using it for other genres. It can bring a instant flavor and vibe to any production,
with its quirky keys, detailed atmospheres and deep synth loops.

All loops are tempo synced at 140BPM and are keyed where necessary. Each Loop and hit is
recorded at 24bit Wav.

Download Free Sample::  Click

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