miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

7170 Lead (Tube Guitar Amplifier)

Nick Crow Lab has released 7170 Lead v.1.2,
a tube guitar amplifier emulation plug-in.

New in version 1.2:

Mac OS X compatibility added.
Two channels (stereo mode to be able to handle double tracks).
Each channel is activated when there is a signal at its input,
which saves CPU resources.

Price: Free.



New VST - Synthesizer The Grey Apparatus

128 presets.
Standalone and DLL versions.
General controls include the possibility randomization.
There is also a library of sound images for Wave Draw module.

Unzip to a directory VST-Plugins your host program,
then the tool is ready for use.



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The new VST-Synthesizer The Green Foreman

128 presets
Standalone and DLL versions.
There is also a library of sound images for Wave Draw module.

Unzip to a directory VST-Plugins your host program,
then the tool is ready for use.



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Drum Dream - Virtual Instrument

Set corresponding MIDI-keyboard layout:

Rim Shot - Sadestick
Snare Roll
Snare Roll 2
Bass - Tom
HiHat Closed
Mid - Tom
Pedal - HiHat
Alto - Tom
Open - HiHat
Tenor - Tom
Splash - Cimbal Left
Ride Cimbal
Left Cimbal
Crash - Cimbal

Unzip to a directory of your VST-plugins host program.
The tool is ready for use.



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Hollyhock - Digital Audio Workstation

Sensomusic has announced that a Release Candidate version of
Usine Hollyhock is now available.

Usine Hollyhock is a new generation of Digital Audio Workstation
dedicated to live music and real-time installations which introduces
several innovative concepts.

Features include:

-Simple & powerful interface.
-A new Grid approach.
-Native Surround 64 channels.
-Native multi-touch.
-Highly multi-core optimized.
-Integrated physical engine.
-Fully customizable interface.
-VST & Audio-Units support.
-Integrated network support.
-For Mac OS X & Windows.

Pricing starts at €159 for new customers and €59 for upgrades
(these are introductory 20% off prices).

A free version is also available in the download area::


Automap 4.7


Automap 4 is the brand new version of Novation's Automap control software.
It works with all Novation's Automap controllers and is a free upgrade to all users.
Automap 4 is now easier to set up and has a more streamlined workflow than ever before.
Click here for more information about the changes which have been made in Automap 4:


What is Automap?

Automap is a piece of software that comes with all Novation controllers.
It has been designed to make the job of assigning your hardware controls
to various software parameters quick and easy.

Despite having knobs and sliders, most MIDI controllers are no good at
controlling plug-ins. It is difficult to assign the controls and you cannot
see what is controlling which part of your music software.

Automap 4 is the newest and most powerful version of Automap.
It enables knobs, faders and buttons to instantly control plug-in instruments/FX,
as well as your sequencer's mixer, transport controls and more...



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Combo Model F - Organ

Combo Model F is a freeware virtual combo organ, modelled after
a well-known Italian combo organ from the 1960s.


-4-octave C-to-C keyboard.
-Harmonic range 6 polyphonic octaves.
-4 footage tabs: 16', 8', 4', 2?'.
-3 treble voice tabs: Dolce, Principale, Strings.
-Multi-Tone Booster voice with All Booster tab.
-Knee lever control.
-Bass voice (grey keys).
-Vibrato unit with adjustable speed and depth.
-Volume pedal.
-Adjustable tuning per note.
-Scala scale file support.
-Fully modelled (no samples inside).
-Model includes oscillators, dividers, crosstalk, noise,
 filters, key contacts and key click.
-Velocity-sensitive key contact attack and release.
-Reverb unit.
-Speaker cabinet simulation.
-Fully automatable.

Downloads (Version 1.2.0)

Windows 32-bit VST installer 1.25 MB::


Windows 64-bit VST installer 1.22 MB::


Windows 32-bit VST ZIP 1.09 MB::


Windows 64-bit VST ZIP 1.11 MB::


Mac OS X 32/64-bit VST installer (Intel only) 1.53 MB::


Mac OS X 32/64-bit AU installer (Intel only) 1.54 MB::


Mac OS X 32-bit VST installer (Intel, PowerPC) 1.53 MB::


Mac OS X 32-bit AU installer (Intel, PowerPC) 1.55 MB::


PDF manual (already included with the installers) 365 kB::


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Combo Model V - Organ

Combo Model V is a freeware virtual combo organ, modelled after a well-known
combo organ from the 1960s.


-4-octave C-to-C keyboard.
-Harmonic range 7 polyphonic octaves.
-4 footage drawbars: 16', 8', 4', mixture.
-2 voice drawbars: Flute, Reed.
-Monophonic bass voice.
-Vibrato unit with adjustable speed and depth.
-Swell (volume) pedal.
-Adjustable tuning per note.
-Scala scale file support.
-Fully modelled (no samples inside).
-Model includes oscillators, dividers, crosstalk, noise,
 filters, key contacts and key click.
-Velocity-sensitive key contact attack and release.
-Reverb unit.
-Speaker cabinet simulation.
-Fully automatable.
-32 presets included.

Downloads (Version 1.3.0)

Windows 32-bit VST installer 1.26 MB::


Windows 64-bit VST installer 1.23 MB::


Windows 32-bit VST ZIP 1.09 MB::


Windows 64-bit VST ZIP 1.12 MB::


Mac OS X 32/64-bit VST installer (Intel only) 1.55 MB::


Mac OS X 32/64-bit AU installer (Intel only) 1.57 MB::


Mac OS X 32-bit VST installer (Intel, PowerPC) 1.55 MB::


Mac OS X 32-bit AU installer (Intel, PowerPC) 1.57 MB::


PDF manual (already included with the installers) 353 kB::


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lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

Sound Rider - 3D Spectrum Analyser

Sound Rider is a 3D visualizer that gives you the ability to navigate
a 3D representation of a sound signal in your DAW. As well as the traditional
horizontal frequency scale and vertical decibel scale the 3D aspect provides
a time axis into the screen.

Sound Rider was written for entry into the KVR Developer Challenge 2012.

Sound Rider Main Features:

-High resolution 3D Visualizer.
-Navigation of the waveform with control of position and orientation in 3D.
-Written from scratch in C++ for 64 bit and 32 bit windows.
-User views can be stored.
-Averaging and peak display.
-User peak values can be stored.
-Position and orientation can be automated.
-Includes a 2D view with statistical output.
-3 Rendering modes: Solid, Wireframe and Points.
-Axis that can be moved in the Z plane for clear measurements.
-Peak and RMS meter.
-Settings can be altered to change key controls, smoothing, frame rate, ballistics etc.
-Interpolation - the faster your machine the smoother the ride.





Flame (Matrix)


Flame is a matrix-based multi-effect. It does not have a set configuration,
allowing you to freely route the audio between the different modules however
you see fit. This flexibility allows you to create a huge range of sounds
and effects.



Particle Of God (Reaktor)

Delay, Bounce, Glitch, Mod Delay, Sequenced Delay, Timesynced Delay.
Soundware for: Reaktor, ENS.

Particle Of God is an ensemble effect for Native Instruments Reaktor.
The idea behind this effect is to create a delay where the delay time
is accelerated. The single delays are getting faster (or even slower)
for each time the delay is repeated. To get a "musical" result,
the delay time and also the delay acceleration is synchronized in time
and tempo.

Several parameters can be changed in real-time an tweaked by
the step-sequencers.

There is also an template for hexler touchOSC available.



martes, 18 de junio de 2013

EmulTuition - Free FM Synth (esp)

Sintetizador FM (modulación en osciladores y filtros) y sustractivo
para todos los estilos musicales. Es para emular instrumentos y sonidos
típicos y para crear sonidos nuevos. Varios parámetros varían con la
velocidad de las teclas, lo cual realza la naturalidad y expresividad
de cada preset creado.

Stand alone::






Vintager Toy - FX

It is a VST plugin that modifies the sound to make it sound like
on old equipments. It can be used over a mix or over an instrument
to give it vintage warmth.
This effect participates in the KVR Developer Challenge 2012

Download Vintager Toy VST::


viernes, 14 de junio de 2013

An interview with Stephen Webber

Learning to Master Innovation: An interview with Stephen Webber.

Stephen Webber is the Director of Berklee's new Music
Technology Innovation Masters Degree, which is starting up
this fall in their campus in Valencia Spain.



Zebralette - Oxium - Genesis Presets

Zebralette Freepack Presets::

54 hi-quality presets + demos kits including  flp files for fl studio
and construction kits for other daws.

Download 1::


Download 2::


Oxium Promopack Presets::

21 hi-quality presets + 4 demos kits including   construction kits
for all kind of daws.



Genesis Freepack Presets::

65 hi-quality presets + demos kits including  flp files for fl studio
and construction kits for other daws.



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Trance Techno Soundbank - Synth1 Freepack

84 hi-quality presets + demos kits including  flp files for fl studio
and construction kits for other daws.
Pack is fantastic for any kind of trance and hard trance music,
a bit for techno and chillout/ambient.
Good for other electronic music too.



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jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

SuperTron - Free Synth (esp)

Sintetizador Virtual Analógico con Modulador por Pasos.
Genera arpegios y secuencias típicas de los años 70 y 80,
de Dance, Trance, percusión, cuerdas analógicas y otros sonidos retro.
Tiene funciones que para modificar varios controles con un solo clic.
El modulador por pasos tiene 4 "escenas" que funcionan como “sub-presets”
de acceso rápido. Los filtros tienen funciones  para trabajar en el
espectro panorámico. El efecto "Vintager" le da calidez vintage al sonido.

Download SuperTron 2.6 VSTi::


Download SuperTron Stand Alone::


Download extra sound bank for SuperTron::


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sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

Dionysos - Free Synth

BSerrano has updated Dionysos, a free hybrid synthesizer VSTi
for Windows, to version 1.1.

-16 voices polyphonic
-Substractive, FM and additive synthesis
-Full MDI learn implementation
-Envelope & LFO Host syncable
-32 steps graphic sequencer
-Many filters
-XY pad
-Tons of modulations


-Added snapshots to envelopes (up to 8) with copy function.

Windows 2000 users should install  gdiplus.dll in c:\winnt



Ample Guitar M Lite - Free Acoustic Guitar

Ample Sound has released Ample Guitar M Lite, a free "lite" version of AGM,
recorded on the Martin D-41 acoustic guitar, for Windows and Mac OS X in VST,
AU, RTAS and AAX formats.

AGML provides many useful features of AGM with 682MB of 16-bit samples
(compared to 5.59GB / 24-bit in AGM).


-DFD (Direct from disk).
-Controllable Resonance Sound.
-Rich Fingering Noise - more vivid and realistic.
-Original Total Start Time which makes the picked instrument sounds more natural.
-Each Cycle & Rhombic Sampling structure - Separate sample cycle for each note
 and vel layer to improve sample utilization.

Download here::

Lisc-step - Free Filter

Lisc-step is a simple state variable filter.
The cutoff frequency can be controlled in 2 ways,
via the 16 step sequencer or low frequency oscillator.
Lisc-step allows the user to quickly create modulated
filter patterns with ease.



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Deep-Mono - Free Synth

Deep-Mono is a powerful freeware monophonic single oscillator synthesizer
that packs a punch. If you are a tweaker then you will like this synth.
It is simple to program and has all the best synth programming parameters
available right on the front panel. No endless windows or sub menus here.
Just tweak a knob and you immediately begin to sculpt the sound.

Deep-Mono Comes with 70 presets to get you started but like the old analog
synths of the 70s it can produce an almost limitless palette of sounds.
Even better is the fact that all sound programs created in Deep-Mono are
compatible with our dual oscillator polyphonic synthesizer Deep-606.


-128 user presets.
-70 custom presets.
-Midi automation.
-Doppler Chorus, Stereo Echo effect.

Download here::


miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013

HUE-X + M4GIQ Plugin Bundle


HUE-X is perfect EQ for those who trust their ears or just love
to experiment with sound. It is designed to let you bring out
what you want in the sound instantly and with much ease.
Now you can control different characteristics of the sound without
having to deal with the obscurity of traditional EQ's.

HUE-X breaks it down to ten faders: Boom, Depth, Fullness, Body,
Warmth, Clarity, Sheen, Brightness, Sparkle, Punch.
These faders are divided into two groups: Warm Tones (red strip)
and Cool Tones (blue strip).


M4GIQ is a 4-band multi-fx plugin that lets you apply Gain, Panning,
and Delay to each frequency band. This is extremely useful for spreading
frequencies across the stereo image, making it easier for the sound to cut
through. You can shape the sound further with the Gain controls and
High-pass/Low-pass filters. Delay can also be added to make an interesting
effect, or to emphasize the spreading of frequencies.



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Pitched Delay

Delay / Echo, Pitch

PitchedDelay is a delay that allows the pitching the delayed signal.
This can be done within or outside the feedback loop.

Besides the pitch shifting it has feedback, a basic filter in the
feedback path for signal manipulation and mono, stereo and ping-pong
mode per delay.

The plugin uses JUCE, pitch shifting is done using Dirac LE.

Download Win 32::


Download OSX::


Sonic Visualiser (Upd)

Sonic Visualiser is an application for viewing and analysing
the contents of music audio files.

16th May 2013: Sonic Visualiser 2.1 has been released.

Get it here::


The aim of Sonic Visualiser is to be the first program you reach
for when want to study a musical recording rather than simply listen to it.

We hope Sonic Visualiser will be of particular interest to musicologists,
archivists, signal-processing researchers and anyone else looking for
a friendly way to take a look at what lies inside the audio file.

Sonic Visualiser is Free Software, distributed under the
GNU General Public License (v2 or later) and available
for Linux, OS/X, and Windows.

It was developed at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary,
University of London.

lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

Zhaleika - New Free Library for Kontakt

The Zhaleika (also known as bryolka) is a Russian single-reed hornpipe.
Many consider it to be the most popular Russian folk wind instrument.
The zhaleika is a single-tube reed pipe with a horn added to function
as a resonator.


-111 samples, 50 MB (NCW Compression), 44,1 Hz 24-bit, stereo.
-Natural legato.

To download the library please login (or sign up),
add a product to cart and make the order.
It's for free!



BabyTron - Free Synth

Analog and Phase Distortion Virtual Synth with Step Modulator.
It´s the younger brother of SuperTron, with some important differences.
It has no Chorus, no Delay, no Reverb. Just 1 Oscillator, 1 Envelope,
1 Filter. That´s the way to demonstrate that it can make complex sounds
without these effects.
BabyTron hides automatically the knobs that have no action in some given
It was developed for the DC'12 KVR, but it was born 12 hours later the
closing of admission... Judge it yourself.

Download BabyTron VSTi::


Download BabyTron Stand Alone::


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Ifoundasound is one of the best solutions for working with digital sound archives.
Search through your archive, listen to the sounds and drag them in to your favourite
audio application.

Having your sound archive on hundreds of CDs is unpractical, a much better solution
is having the sounds on a hard drive, as audio files.

ifoundasound builds an index of your audio files and can search through them at
high speed.
You can listen to each sound, and copy the ones you like to your work folder or simply
drag them in to your editing software.
ifoundasound comes i to versions, the free Standard version, and the comercial
Professional version.
Please download one of them and try it. ifoundasound has been developed together
with audio professionals, so if you have any input please join the forum
or send us email.

ifoundasound comes in two versions, Standard and Professional.
The Standard version is free and the Professional version costs 69 €.

Download Free Version::


Download Professional Version::


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