miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013

HUE-X + M4GIQ Plugin Bundle


HUE-X is perfect EQ for those who trust their ears or just love
to experiment with sound. It is designed to let you bring out
what you want in the sound instantly and with much ease.
Now you can control different characteristics of the sound without
having to deal with the obscurity of traditional EQ's.

HUE-X breaks it down to ten faders: Boom, Depth, Fullness, Body,
Warmth, Clarity, Sheen, Brightness, Sparkle, Punch.
These faders are divided into two groups: Warm Tones (red strip)
and Cool Tones (blue strip).


M4GIQ is a 4-band multi-fx plugin that lets you apply Gain, Panning,
and Delay to each frequency band. This is extremely useful for spreading
frequencies across the stereo image, making it easier for the sound to cut
through. You can shape the sound further with the Gain controls and
High-pass/Low-pass filters. Delay can also be added to make an interesting
effect, or to emphasize the spreading of frequencies.



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