sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2014

TLs Pocket Limiter - Free Compressor

FX, Compressor - Windows, VST.

TLs Pocket Limiter is a Transparent Brickwall Limiting with 0 db stop
Variable knee from 0% to 100% to keep limiting distortion at a minimum
"IQ" mode to get a more "intelligent" release from the knee with program emphasis
Low latency for live performance use (40 samples at 44.1khz = ca 1ms latency)
Stereo link to preserve stereo field
Supported samplerates: 44.1khz - 192khz.

Download TLs Pocket Limiter

TAL-Tube - Free Distortion

FX, Distortion - Win/Mac,VST.

TAL-Tube is a saturation plugin that have the characteristic of tubes
and an additional amplifier mode. It's very suitable for adding higher
harmonics and can give more excitement and analog character to digital
sounds or drums.
At extreme values it can also be used as a grungy distortion effect...

* Amplifier mode.
* Soft and hard mode (2 different tube types).
* Dry/Wet knob.
* Gain reduction display.
* 4x oversampled processing.
* Some presets.
* Low CPU

Download TAL-Tube

Ferox - Free Distortion

FX, Distortion - Windows, VST.

JB Ferox is a free tape saturation modeller VST plugin.
It has separate controls for saturation and hysteresis effects.
Feedback with variable tape speed is provided to simulate vintage tape echos.

Download Ferox

martes, 23 de diciembre de 2014

Nasty LF - Free EQ

FX, EQ - Windows, VST

Getting the lowend right is one important key in successfully mixing modern music
these days.
As a creative mixing device 'NastyLF' offers subtle low frequency enhancements
including creamy lowend distortion up to more agressive filtering and nasty saturation.

'NastyLF' is a specific and tuned combination of lowend EQ and output stage.
The low frequency EQ in classic boost/cut design offers both: broad 'oldschool' as well
as rather narrow 'modern' curves (switchable) altogether with a variation of that special
sounding curve designs when using boost and cut in combination. A new developed output
stage offers tasty lowend saturation which can virtually be driven up to 24dB with internal
automatic gain compensation.

Windows XP, SSE support
Tested and known to work in many VST compatible hosts.

Download Nasty LF

TLs 2095-Limiting Amplifier - Free

FX, Compressor - Windows, VST

Increase gain by limiting the signal with a "pumping/saturated" character depending
on pressure/release settings.

Adjustable input gain upwards.
Adjustable pressure (a mix of attack/ratio)
Adjustable release1 , the over all release time
Adjustable release2 , controls the "overload" portion of release1 where fast envelope
moves will be suppressed.
Adjustable output , to compensate gain changes with clip indicator.

Soft/Hard mode button, 'Soft' mode will polish the envelope curve to minimize artifacts
that would be obvious on vocals ect (using more CPU)

Low Punch mode button, control an allpass filter centered around 200hz, allowing the
transients to pass before the low end and
thus giving a feeling of more "clicky" or "punchy" sound (IF a low end is present that is).

Stereo Link mode button to preserve stereo field.

Stereo link quality button normal/HQ ,
'normal' will merge the left/right input signals and only process the audio on one channel.
(using less CPU)
'HQ' will process both left/right channels and then join the outgoing envelope curves.
(using more CPU)

The two Stereo mode buttons will be greyed out when processing a mono signal.
(since they do not provide any function at that point)

Gain Reduction led indicator.
Small indicator around the Gain Reduction led indicator showing the output peak level.

Plugin Latency: 0 samples
supported samplerates: 44.1khz - 192khz

Download TLs 2095-Limiting Amplifier

miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2014

Ragnarök v1.1 - Free Synth

Ragnarök is a VST™2.4 software instrument for Microsoft Windows® simulating a
custom-built one-of-a-kind analog synthesizer from 1980. It is written in
native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption.

Ragnarök is the collaborative work of Hans Peter aka CrimsonWarlock aka
TechnoGremlin (synth concept, GUI design, user manual, patch programming)
and Björn aka Full Bucket (DSP+GUI+patch programming).

The main features of Ragnarök are:

+Up to 64 voices polyphony including portamento
+Unique 3+1 band-limited oscillator bank - up to four oscillators per voice
+Additional white noise generator
+Multi-pole zero-delay feedback filter (6–12–18–24 dB/Oct low-pass or high-pass)
+Two envelopes (ADSR or AD) with exponential slopes
+Low frequency oscillator
+Built-in Overdrive effect and 7 band graphic equalizer
+Cool repeat/pseudo arpeggiator functionality
+Double precision audio processing
+All parameters can be controlled by MIDI controllers
+Exchangeable graphics (for individual skinning)
+Plug-in comes in 32 bit and 64 bit versions
+Fully compatible with SM Pro Audio's V-Machine™

Download Ragnarök v1.1

PanCake to 2.2 - Free

PanCake is a free plugin that allows you to create most flexible panning modulations.

Key Features

Creative modulation tool: Create complex pan modulations with ease.
Unique waveform drawing capabilities: Construct your own modulation curves in a very
intuitive manner.
Waveforms can be easily drawn using soft or hard control points, thus producing gentle
transitions or sharp bends in the waveform.
Customized waveforms: Up to 10 customized waveforms can be stored.
LFO speed: LFO speed can be set free-running from 0.02 Hz to 5.24 kHz.
It can also be set in rhythmic units synced to the host sequencer, from a fast 1/128 note
modulation up to 32 bars.
Always in sync: The LFO will always stay in sync, even when you make tempo changes
in your host software, or jump ahead to different parts of your track.
Complete parameter control via automation: Absolutely everything in PanCake can be automated.
Even the shape of the modulating waveform can be automated.
And if you want to use more than four modulation curves in a song, you can automate the
plugin to switch between them.
New in version 2: A precise display of channel left/right volume for helpful visual control,
an option to trigger the LFO via MIDI notes, a dry/wet control, plus a redesigned interface.

Free Download at Cableguys

lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2014

A1 Stereo Control v1.0.4 - Free Stereo Expansion

A1 Stereo Control v1.0.4 - Free Stereo Expansion & Advanced Panning.
Plugin for Win & Mac.

Alex Hilton and A1Audio.de have updated their free plugin A1StereoControl to v1.04.
It acts as a VST-/AU-plugin to expand or limit the 'width' of stereo tracks and has
some advanced panning features as well.

Changes / New in v1.04:

+New: modified preset is now marked with a asterisk in preset-name.
+New: selected preset is now ticked in popup menu.
+Slightly improved loading & saving procedures.
+Fixed some minor bugs.

Download A1 Stereo Control


viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2014

Mantra Evo - Free Synth

Mantra Evo it´s a plugin that combines 2 synths with several effects.

It is based on an FM synth and a Phase Dist synth.
Both of these synths are gifted with a morphing system that will morph the basic
waves into some more complex ones.
Each of these synths are also gifted with 5 envelopes (amp, pitch, filter, modulation
and morphing).
The modulation of these synths is based on FM modulation system using kbd and depth.
On the filter envelope you can tweak just cutoff, resonance or both.
Each of these synths are gifted of an LFO with two targets, dedicated filter,
free speed knob, sync option and waveform choice.
There is a Chorus for each synth too, making your sounds phater.
The effects you can use for Mantra are Octave Stepper, Distortion, Reverb, EQ,
Stereo Delay and Trancegate.
Each of the synths can be individually connected to any of these effects leaving the
other off.

Mono Mode can be used with a high gliding range.

This is a small description of what Mantra Evo is, you really must try it out to get
all combinations to work.

Mantra Evo runs on Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 32-bits and 64-bits when bridged.

Download Mantra Evo

miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

Dark Mass - Presets for Massive - Free

Dark Mass is a sound library for Native Instruments Massive.

Dark Mass features 20 presets that reveal another side of this great synthesizer:
gloomy soundscapes, cinematic impacts, harsh leads and mysterious pads.
Everything you need to build haunting atmospheres ideal for soundtracks and any kind
of dark electronic music is here. Join the dark side!

Some sound taken from Dark Mass, without any kind of addional effects or mastering

Download Dark Mass for free:: Dark Mass [.zip, 47 KB]

Source: Sonus Dept

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Industry Trailer - Free Sound Library for Kontakt

Industry Trailer is a sound library for Kontakt providing deep percussions,
hits and sound FX to build up aggressive, industrial and cinematic rhythms.

This is just a free appetizer of the wider Industry project, a work in progress that,
once released, will be a fully featured sound library for industrial and cinematic
stuff with the best price/quality ratio on the market!

Kontakt full version 5.4+ is required (player version also loads the library,
but disables it after 15 minutes)

Free download here:: Kontakt library [.nki, 27.6 MB]

Source:: Sonus Dept

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Stylus Beats - Free Kontakt Library

Stylus Beats is a free Kontakt library and sample pack featuring all the sound of
the bizarre Stylophone BeatBox, a funny low cost beat box produced by the same
manufacturer of the legendary Stylophone.

The Kontakt library (requires full version, 5.4+) allows you to effect the samples
applying distorsion, delay, reverb and equalizer. For those who do not own Kontakt,
there is a sample pack featuring the dry sounds in hi quality 24 bit .wav and .aiff formats.

Free download here:

Kontakt library [.nki, 7.5 MB]

WAV Samples [.wav, 24bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo, 5.9 MB]

AIFF Samples [.aiff, 24bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo, 4.0 MB]

Source:: Sonus Dept

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