viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014

Orange Free Sounds - Synth Loops Vol 1

The sounds included are suitable for ambient music, lounge music, electronic music
and much more. Created with Waldorf Blofeld, Access Virus C and some software synthesizers.
The free pack contains 23 synth loops. Format WAV, 41,000 hertz 16 bit samples.
Free for commercial use.

File Details

Quality:     WAV 16 bit / 44.100
Duration:     07:33 min
Tempo:     various tempo
Audio Size:     66,30 mb
License:     Free Synth Loops Vol. 1 is permitted for commercial use under license
                Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Download here:: Synth Loops Vol 1


SGA1566 - Free Tube Preamp

SGA1566 - Free Tube Preamp

Mac & Win VST & AU

SGA1566 is loosely based on a single channel vintage tube preamplifier.
We have made some changes to the original schematic, added tone controls,
and made it stereo. To achieve the most authentic analog sound, the whole
circuit is simulated in real time using the high performance circuit simulator.
However, this level of sound fidelity comes at a price of high CPU utilization.
For cases where such a CPU hit is prohibitive, we have added a model that is
significantly less CPU intensive but slightly less accurate than the circuit

Use SGA1566 to add warmth to a track, as a saturation compressor,
or to add "dirt" with tube overdrive.


Authentic analog sound through real-time high-performance circuit simulation.
Preamp featuring two 12AX7 voltage amplification stages.
CPU friendly model of the circuit.
Two-band active Baxandall EQ that can be placed either at the beginning or at
the end of the signal chain.
Up to 4x oversampling.
Mono or stereo processing mode.

System Requirements::

OS X 10.7+
VST and/or AU 32-bit or 64-bit host

32-bit or 64-bit VST host


Windows VST 32bit:: here

Windows VST 64bit:: here

Mac AU & VST Universal Binary:: here

Download:: SGA1566 User Manual

lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

Psycle 1.12.0 has been released

Version 1.12 of Psycle has finally reached release status.

This version is the result of the three 1.11 betas, with three main changes
from version 1.10:
The finalization of the Sampulse machine and changes in the way sampled sounds are used,
including the Virtual Generator feature (See the help manual for information), a new
machine host based on Lua scripting (see the LuaScriptingManual and the included scripts
for information), and finally, a new skin as well as new skin options for skin developers
(pattern header with track names, and ability to skin the mixer and the master)

It can be downloaded from the files section at sourceforge:

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

99 Drum Samples - Free Sample Library

99 Drum Samples is a free collection of electronic and acoustic drum hits which
have been built from scratch and processed with enternal and external audio gear.

The sounds were recorded from various analogue and digital sources and processed with
various on-board effects and external gear. My favorite part of the pack are the drum
machine sounds and acoustic drum hits which I’ve recorded to a cassette tape in order
to enhance them with a bit of punch and grit. Some of the included drum hits were also
passed through an old tape delay unit, resulting in a warm organic sound.

The pack also includes a selection of modern electronic drum samples, some acoustic
drums (captured with my trusty Edirol R-09 recorder) and a set of drums which were
synthesized with various analogue and digital instruments (including the
Korg Electribe ER-1 drum machine and the Lell UDS analogue drum generator).
I’ve also included a small set of lo-fi drums which were recorded from various toy
instruments such as the Yamaha DD-5.

99 drum samples.
24-bit WAV format.
44.1 kHz Stereo.
7.53 MB size on disk.
6.86 MB download size (ZIP archive).

Download here:: 99 Drum Samples

Source:: 99 Sounds

jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

Cedr - Free Synth for Windows VST

Cedr - Free Synth for Windows VST


Cedr  is a 2 oscillator subtractive synthesizer with a 16 step pitch sequencer.
The sequencer can also be fed to several other of the synthesizer’s controls.
Cedr was created with chip tune in mind. This is reflected in the look and feel
of the instrument and of course, most importantly the sound.
The pitch sequencer can be turned on or off for each oscillator allowing for
greater flexibility in sound creation. Bit crush and delay effects also add to
the degraded yesteryear quality of Cedr.
Other controls include a step sequencer ‘step envelope’ giving the user the ability
to create a range of sounds from choppy arps to strange pads and textures.
5 modulation slots also allow midi control routing, such as, key follow,
velocity and aftertouch.

Cedr is currently available in 32 bit VST format for windows only.

Download here:: Cedr

martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

Doffset - Free VST Plugin for Windows

Doffset - Free VST Plugin for Windows

current version: 1.0

Doffset is free plug-in for DC offset correction.

Audio signals often contain DC offset. DC offset is often not easy to recognize
when using an audio editor. Offset correction can reduce the magnitude of a signal
while maintaining the loudness. This is a potentially useful trick when mastering
a track or when fighting in the loudness wars.

Doffset is specially designed to minimize any coloration to the signal and, at the
same time, quickly adjust the signal to remove any DC offset. Doffset offers three
modes of operation, each giving a slightly different trade-off between bass response
and zero DC convergence time.

Three Modes
super low: This mode has the most bass but takes the longest amount of time to adjust
to new offset. It will handle extreme bass, and it is suitable in all situations.

bass drop: This mode has an intermediate amount of bass and takes an intermediate
amount of time to adjust to new offset. This mode is intended to handle deep bass,
and it should be suitable for most situations.

guitar: This mode has the least bass but takes the shortest amount of time to adjust
to new offset. This mode is intended for sounds that lack deep bass. It is suitable
for sounds such as that of a guitar.

Operating System: Windows

Supported Sample Rates:
22050, 32000, 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000, 176400, 192000, 352800, 384000

Host Program:
VST3 compatible host program, or host program supporting more relatively
recent versions of VST2.


VST3 Windows 64-bit: Doffset

VST2 Windows 64-bit: Doffset

VST3 Windows 32-bit: Doffset

VST2 Windows 32-bit: Doffset

viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014

Tumbi Loops - Free Indian Punjabi Loops

Product Description

tumbi is a traditional musical instrument of Punjab
100 types of indian Punjabi Loops In this package.
This package is free for all
All loops have been built in Standard tone .
The tempo are 75 to130 bpm.
Wav files 410 MB.
Sample rate 44100 KHz. 24 Bit.

Download here:: Tumbi Loops

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

Rescue MK2 - Free Transient Procesor

FX, Compressor - Windows - VST

Analog style modelled signal designer.

at a glance:

• introduces spatial imaging as well as sonic resolution improvements to program material
• simple yet powerful solo signal alteration: transient shaping, imaging and depth balancing
• subtle analog style signal colouration
• easy emphasizing of signal attack phases
• creates "in the face" sounds as well as subtle stereo enhancements
• stereo field operation maintains mono
• signal saturation at high peak levels
• excellent for drum group improvements
• tightens lowend

Lower your listening volume while operating the plugin to avoid hearing damage
or damage of speakers or any other equipment.

Download here:: Rescue MK2

miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2014

Spitfish - Free DeEsser

FX, DeEsser - Windows, OSX, OS9, VST, AU

SPITFISH is a dead-easy to use de-esser, aimed mainly at mono or stereo vocal tracks.
Just like classic analog de-essers, this unit dynamically filters out harsh,
annoying s-like sounds that would otherwise 'spit' in your face.

Download here:: Spitfish

martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

VA-Biomechanic, Electronic Era (2014) Free

VA-Biomechanic, Electronic Era (2014) Free

by Cyberpunk Argentina Netlabel

Released 05 October 2014




Download here::

viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014

PolyIblit - Free Synth

Analog Synth - Windows - VST

PolyIblit is a VST 2.3 compatible software synthesizer for PC.
The oscillator waveforms are generated using BLITs (Band Limited Impulse Train)
which gives oscillators with very low aliasing.


* 32 voices (CPU dependent)
* 3 oscillators per voice
* Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth and Pulse waveforms
* Noise generator
* Pulse Width/Slope Modulation
* Two LP/BP/HP filters
* Two DCAs
* Four LFOs with tempo sync
* Speed and amplitude modulation of LFOs
* Four ADSR envelope generators that can be triggered
  by Note On, LFOs, Control Change or portamento.
* Midi automation and Midi learn

Download here:: PolyIblit

H4xx0r - Free Beat Slicer

Beat Slicer - Windows - VST

A twelve-part beatslicer mapped to each note of one midi octave.
Features stretching of sample to fit host tempo, and independent,
realtime control over slice points, looping, amp envelope,
pitch & output buss.

Download H4xx0r

miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

GlaceVerb - Free Reverb

FX Reverb - Windows - VST

GlaceVerb is Dasample's first attempt to implement its works on
Residual Vector Modulation (RVM) in a VST plugin. RVM is a proprietary
algorithm developed to calculate the deformations, the vibrations and
the acoustic response of surfaces and materials.

Imagine a big orchestra playing in a giant box builded with thin metal sheets.
As the panels are not very rigid, the box will vibrate according to the energy
of music and produce an audible spectral deformation. RVM algorithm is able to
simulate such deformations and vibrations and apply them to the original signal.

GlaceVerb is the only VST reverberation plugin able to modelize liquid acoustic
spaces like water. Unlike other reverbs with presets named Room, Cathedral,
Stadium etc., GlaceVerb is very easy to use and comes with 64 hi-quality presets
designed for real musical situations (including presets for final mix, strings,
piano, vocal tracks, drums, percussions and ultra transparent presets for
high-end masterings).

Download GlaceVerb