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Doffset - Free VST Plugin for Windows

Doffset - Free VST Plugin for Windows

current version: 1.0

Doffset is free plug-in for DC offset correction.

Audio signals often contain DC offset. DC offset is often not easy to recognize
when using an audio editor. Offset correction can reduce the magnitude of a signal
while maintaining the loudness. This is a potentially useful trick when mastering
a track or when fighting in the loudness wars.

Doffset is specially designed to minimize any coloration to the signal and, at the
same time, quickly adjust the signal to remove any DC offset. Doffset offers three
modes of operation, each giving a slightly different trade-off between bass response
and zero DC convergence time.

Three Modes
super low: This mode has the most bass but takes the longest amount of time to adjust
to new offset. It will handle extreme bass, and it is suitable in all situations.

bass drop: This mode has an intermediate amount of bass and takes an intermediate
amount of time to adjust to new offset. This mode is intended to handle deep bass,
and it should be suitable for most situations.

guitar: This mode has the least bass but takes the shortest amount of time to adjust
to new offset. This mode is intended for sounds that lack deep bass. It is suitable
for sounds such as that of a guitar.

Operating System: Windows

Supported Sample Rates:
22050, 32000, 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000, 176400, 192000, 352800, 384000

Host Program:
VST3 compatible host program, or host program supporting more relatively
recent versions of VST2.


VST3 Windows 64-bit: Doffset

VST2 Windows 64-bit: Doffset

VST3 Windows 32-bit: Doffset

VST2 Windows 32-bit: Doffset

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