domingo, 31 de enero de 2016


Bass Module is a collection of bass sounds packed together into a single VST instrument,
suitable for a wide range of music styles, from classic electronic, to dance music, to rock,
metal and more!
Every single patch has been programmed/sampled and crafted with care.
The module includes 64 original bass sounds divided in 100+ Mb of sample data
(we squeezed everything like a lemon to make the plugin as light as possible for the system RAM).
Bass Module includes both acoustic and synthesized bass sounds, ready to access from the GUI,
no frills or other useless features: pure plug and play!
Bass Module include also a chorus FX and an internal dynamic processor set to process the bass frequencies and make the sound more present, compact and mix friendly.

·  64 original patches
·  Acoustic and synthesized bass sounds
·  +100MB of sample data
·  Custom chorus FX
·  Internal dynamic processor
·  Ultra light on CPU
·  Suitable for a wide range of music styles

v.1.1 - (24.7.2015): added two programs inspired by the famous TX Lately Bass.

Download here

Arido 3.1 - Free Synth Stand-Alone

Arido is an additive synthesizer with a simple
FM feature and a subtractive filter.
It includes a polyphonic driver to generate variety of timbres. That is,
a distorter that works on each note separately.
This synth allows make sounds like ambient, bass, pads, organs, distorted,
nature, emulations, etc.
It brings on-panel help, MIDI Learn and pedal switch functions.

Free Download Arido 3.1 Stand Alone
It brings the instructions to get the VSTi version.

Download here

jueves, 28 de enero de 2016

DeePanpot Channel tool - Free

VST & AU plug-in for Win and Mac

- Controls "pan" of the stereo source, not the "balance"
- Adds "Haas Effect" to reproduce more realistic pan

For Windows (32bit/64bit)
For MacOSX (32bit/64bit)
New! For Audio Unit  (32bit/64bit)

Download here

ATKColoredCompressor 1.0.0 - Free

I’m happy to announce the release of a colored compressor plugin as well as a
colored expander plugin based on the Audio Toolkit. They are available on Windows
and OS X (min. 10.8) in different formats. They are effectively replacing the
ATKCompressor and ATKExpander plugins by adding several new parameters:
RMS filter (set it to 0 to get peak detection from the old plugins), color
(gain change around the threshold, positive color adding gain and negative color
removing gain), quality (affecting the coloring on a smaller or bigger area around
the threshold). The expander also has a maximum reduction parameter, allowing the user
to specify the maximum amount of gain reduction below the threshold.

The supported formats are:

VST2 (32bits/64bits on Windows, 64bits on OS X)
VST3 (32bits/64bits on Windows, 64bits on OS X)
Audio Unit (64bits, OS X)

Download here

miércoles, 6 de enero de 2016

Code Red - Free EQ

Code Red Free is inspired by a classic, all tube, British console form the late 60s.
The original console was known for its EQ, bold and punchy character, and the warmth it
imparted. The Beatles recorded most of their material using this, and other versions
of this console. Easily recognized overdriven sound of the Beatles' Revolution was created
by chaining two preamps from this console.
Shattered Glass Audio has gone to considerable lengths to find accurate information and
reproduce the original EQ curves and accurately model the preamp.

Win & Mac

Download at Shattered Glass Audio

Drum Breaks - Free Collection of Drumloops

Orange Free Sounds has released Drum Breaks,
a free collection of drum loops in WAV format.
The Collection has 30 drum loops sorted by tempo.
Styles include sampled funky, soul and disco music
from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Technical details:
Quality: WAV 41,000 hertz, 16-bit samples.
Length: 2:18 minutes.
Size: 19,40 MB.
Free for Commercial Use.

Download here