miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

GlaceVerb - Free Reverb

FX Reverb - Windows - VST

GlaceVerb is Dasample's first attempt to implement its works on
Residual Vector Modulation (RVM) in a VST plugin. RVM is a proprietary
algorithm developed to calculate the deformations, the vibrations and
the acoustic response of surfaces and materials.

Imagine a big orchestra playing in a giant box builded with thin metal sheets.
As the panels are not very rigid, the box will vibrate according to the energy
of music and produce an audible spectral deformation. RVM algorithm is able to
simulate such deformations and vibrations and apply them to the original signal.

GlaceVerb is the only VST reverberation plugin able to modelize liquid acoustic
spaces like water. Unlike other reverbs with presets named Room, Cathedral,
Stadium etc., GlaceVerb is very easy to use and comes with 64 hi-quality presets
designed for real musical situations (including presets for final mix, strings,
piano, vocal tracks, drums, percussions and ultra transparent presets for
high-end masterings).

Download GlaceVerb

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