martes, 23 de diciembre de 2014

TLs 2095-Limiting Amplifier - Free

FX, Compressor - Windows, VST

Increase gain by limiting the signal with a "pumping/saturated" character depending
on pressure/release settings.

Adjustable input gain upwards.
Adjustable pressure (a mix of attack/ratio)
Adjustable release1 , the over all release time
Adjustable release2 , controls the "overload" portion of release1 where fast envelope
moves will be suppressed.
Adjustable output , to compensate gain changes with clip indicator.

Soft/Hard mode button, 'Soft' mode will polish the envelope curve to minimize artifacts
that would be obvious on vocals ect (using more CPU)

Low Punch mode button, control an allpass filter centered around 200hz, allowing the
transients to pass before the low end and
thus giving a feeling of more "clicky" or "punchy" sound (IF a low end is present that is).

Stereo Link mode button to preserve stereo field.

Stereo link quality button normal/HQ ,
'normal' will merge the left/right input signals and only process the audio on one channel.
(using less CPU)
'HQ' will process both left/right channels and then join the outgoing envelope curves.
(using more CPU)

The two Stereo mode buttons will be greyed out when processing a mono signal.
(since they do not provide any function at that point)

Gain Reduction led indicator.
Small indicator around the Gain Reduction led indicator showing the output peak level.

Plugin Latency: 0 samples
supported samplerates: 44.1khz - 192khz

Download TLs 2095-Limiting Amplifier

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