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Automap 4.7


Automap 4 is the brand new version of Novation's Automap control software.
It works with all Novation's Automap controllers and is a free upgrade to all users.
Automap 4 is now easier to set up and has a more streamlined workflow than ever before.
Click here for more information about the changes which have been made in Automap 4:


What is Automap?

Automap is a piece of software that comes with all Novation controllers.
It has been designed to make the job of assigning your hardware controls
to various software parameters quick and easy.

Despite having knobs and sliders, most MIDI controllers are no good at
controlling plug-ins. It is difficult to assign the controls and you cannot
see what is controlling which part of your music software.

Automap 4 is the newest and most powerful version of Automap.
It enables knobs, faders and buttons to instantly control plug-in instruments/FX,
as well as your sequencer's mixer, transport controls and more...



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