miércoles, 29 de abril de 2015

DreamStation 1.0 - Free Workstation

DreamStation 1.0 is our old standalone software synth workstation which consists
of an analog synthesizer module, a 32 tracks step-time sequencer, dual stereo FX
processor and an eight channel stereo mixer. We made DreamStation 1.0 free with
the release of its more complex second version.

Up to three oscillators can be used for each voice, where every oscillator is generating
sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse (OSC2&3 square) or noise waveforms. Linear frequency modulation,
ring modulation and hard synchronization are available between OSC1&2. You may replace the
traditional waveforms with 16 bit mono samples, and use them as the source of ring and frequency modulation. A multimode filtering architecture is responsible for eliminating/exciting specified frequencies of the generated signal by supporting 2 pole lowpass, bandpass, highpass, 4 pole
lowpass and formant filter modes. Three ADSR envelope generators (each one individual for the
amplifier, filter and a user defined EG for general purpose), one LFO, vibrato and portamento
are the modulation sections.

Read more here

Download Dreamstation 1.0

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