miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015

Oxytocin - Free Synth

Oxytocin, by Novaflash, is a rather complex 9 voices polyphonic substractive synth
(with some FM added), in a beta version at the moment. Coming with a beautiful GUI
(like all Novaflash products), its 2 Osc, 2 Lfo, 1 ring modulator, filters, dirtortion,
arpeggiator, 2 step sequencers, delay, reverb, chorus, spatializer, and other components,
with envelopes everywhere, allow to produce very interesting fat and thick sounds,
for rather deep leads, arpeggios, sequences and so on. Try it. A very good one.
Consumes a lot of CPU.

Download Oxytocin

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