lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Cetone Synth 2 - Free

A polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer.

The CetoneSynth2 VST plugin was developed to be a
polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer and
Cetone VST's new flagship.

Here are some key features of "CetoneSynth2":

3 Oscillators with saw, pulse, triangle and noise waveforms, AM, sync and switchable   keytracking
4 Oscillator modes: normal, add, mul and super
Resonant 12/24dB multimode filters
3 Envelopes (amplifier and modulation)
2 LFOs with saw, pulse, triangle and noise waveforms, BPM sync, retrigger, sample and   hold, delay and keytrack
8 note arpeggiator with BPM sync
6 Modulation slots
Chaos button generates random patches
Audio input may be used as modulation source
Most parameters can be controlled by MIDI CCs
Configurable for various CPU architectures (x86, SSE, SSE2)

568 KB / Windows All


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