sábado, 24 de mayo de 2014

Sharkjumper - Free Ableton Instrument

Here's a guide to the macros::

Spectra: Scans the source sample for a wavetable effect

Formant: Shifts the frequency of the formant peak created by the phaser

Lowpass: Cutoff frequency for the lowpass filter. Works in conjunction with the Wub parameters

Drive Color: Controls the drive amount and EQ of the overdrive effect

Envelope: Morphs the amplifier envelope from a percussive shape to a full sustain, gated shape

Glide: Gliiiiiiide

Wub Rate: Controls the speed of the filter LFO (tempo-synced)

Wub Depth: Controls the depth of the filter LFO


Francis Preve - Sharkjumper (compatible with Ableton Live 8.1.5 and higher)


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