lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

Nitrox - Free Synth

Nitrox is an analog type syntheziser with three oscillators, two stereo filters and
a fully equipped stereo effects bank. The unique thing about Nitrox is its comprehensiveness
paired with high flexibility and numerous modulation possibilities. The oscillators,
filters and effects have been implemented with sound quality in mind.

Nitrox comes in two versions: there is a stand-alone version which can be connected to a
stereo audio output channel and to multiple MIDI input channels which is called Nitrox solo.
The second version is a VST(TM) plug-in simply called Nitrox.

Requirements and Testing

A 2GHz CPU with SSE2 instruction set and 1GByte of RAM are recommended as a minimum.
Nitrox is 32-bit Windows(TM) software being tested under Windows 7 and Vista.
The VST host used for testing is Steinberg's Cubase. Nitrox conforms to VST version 2.4.

Donate, if you like it...

Nitrox 1.11 is donationware. You can download it from this site. Should you like the sound
and the flexibility and use Nitrox on a regular basis please make a donation via the PayPal
button in the left column.

Download Nitrox

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