sábado, 15 de agosto de 2015

SR-202 - Free Drum Machine

SR-202 is the drum machine programmed by Muon Software for Computer Music magazine;
SR-202 was available on the cover CD of this magazine from issue 40.

Its wide range of features include the loading of up to 16 WAV or AIFF format samples
(one for each pad), directly from the front panel, export of a file of its complete state
to disk via the VST bank load/save mechanism (files are exchangeable between PC and Mac versions,
and contain all the samples needed), 64 voice channels with dynamic assignment, 4 choke groups,
pads assignable to either the stereo output or one of the four mono outputs (each pad has three attack/decay envelopes for filter, amplifier and pitch), low pass/High pass switchable filter,
2 effects pre-filter (Distortion and BitCrusher), switchable Note off option, global functions - filter/amp/FX can be set to single pads or Global operation, MIDI CC automation - each MIDI channel (1-16) relates to each pad, controllers 75 onwards can be used to tweak each pad via a hardware controller. The controllable parameters per pad are numerous. Also it comes with at least 15 full
drum kits, ranging from standard kits to wild effects, analogue kits, and useful percussive kits.

Download SR-202 (Zip)

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