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Wavosaur - Free Editor

Version of Wavosaur, the free audio editor for Windows,
is now available for download. There are many bug fixes and a
new VST host.

New VST Host:

-VST is now compliant with 2.4 Steinberg SDK.
-VST Host lots of bugs fixed.
-Scan options added: VSTi filter, sub directories, add VST to the current list.
-Suppression of items inside the VST list.
-New VST rack and list visualisation.
-Drag and drop between list and rack, and inside the rack.
-VSTi different icons between instruments and effects.
-Apply bug fixed.
-Batch processor bug fixed for VST Chain feature.

Audio Input:

-New record menu.
-Hot plug support.
-Buffer loses bug fixed.
-Visual indication during recording: duration indication and record button blinking.

Audio Output:

-Hot plug of audio devices support.
-Volume dialog updated with percentage display.

VU Meter:

-More precise display for 30dB scale.
-120dB scale added.
-Display options: thin, medium and large.
-Color change.


-Audio critical section added to improve stability.
-Buffer out block size up to 4096 samples.
-Cfg file format change (always editable in text editor like notepad).
-Auto update check added: this option could be deactivated in configuration dialog box.
-AIFF file bug fixed.
-DC remover selection bug fixed.

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