martes, 2 de julio de 2013

Window to Europe - Synth

Work has been completed on a new free VST - synthesizer "Window to Europe",
which is a hybrid of the two basic models of the family "color" synthesizers,
"green" and "gray" with the scheme of another synthesizer called "Dancing Partner".
This model combines the soft sounds of the music style of New Age
and moving rhythmic figures.


-Bank for 128 + additional presets, total - 146.
-Components and Controls feature click "random".
-A hybrid of the oscillators additive synthesis and FM.
-Additive synthesis user can control the cursor by drawing a line in the wave window.
-Filter with ADSRL envelope.
-ADSR envelope for the amp.
-Ping-pong delay.
-3-band EQ.
-Chorus flanger effect.
-rhythm sequencer with adjustable speed and smoothing Velocity 8 levels in each step.
-monitoring the audio signal with the possibility of still picture frame.


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