martes, 2 de julio de 2013

Abstract Casual Percussion (for Ableton Live)

HelloSamples has released Abstract Casual Percussion, a free collection
of 7 percussion kits ready to play in Ableton Live:

    Bay leaf Percussion.
    Flaco Percussion Stuff.
    RCA Victor Percussion Stuff.
    Dark Kalimba Kit.
    PenOnPad (recording a rapper when writing).
    BathRoom Water Sounds.
    Spaced Shadows (Roland RE-201 abstract stuff).

Abstract Casual Percussion is a collection of hand-crafted percussion
and FX sounds recorded at home. From dry bay leaves, to water drops,
Roland Space Echo tweaks, shakers and stuff picked up in travels or even
some strange kalimba sounds. HelloSamples added a Ping Pong Delay and a
Grain Delay on the effects chain and assigned some Macros (Pitch, Feedback,
Wet, Delay Filter and Spray) for easy tweaking.

Price: Free if you use Twitter or Facebook.


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