sábado, 27 de julio de 2013

EXD-80 Drum Synth

Third Harmonic Studios has released EXD-80, a free 32-bit VSTi plugin for Windows.
The plugin is a subtractive synthesis drum and percussion synthesizer.


-8 Modules - kick, snare, open and closed hi-hats, 5 x percussion synths.
-8 Outputs (4 Stereo output pairs).
-Each output pair has its own stereo effects section featuring a Granulator and Waveshaper.
-Supports VST host automation and MIDI continuous controllers.
-User definable MIDI note mappings.
-128 User drum kit patches (comes with 16 preset drum kits).

EXD-80 is a flexible drum synth that can produce a wide variety of drum
and percussion sounds, from emulations of classic drum machines to crazy,
mangled glitch sounds. It is designed to be suitable for many EDM styles
including electro, glitch, industrial, ambient, dubstep, drum & bass and
hip hop.


EXD-80 is a VST instrument plugin (32-bit) for Microsoft Windows operating
systems: Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
A host application that supports 32-bit VST instrument plugins is required.

Price: Free.

Listen to an audio demo on Soundcloud:




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