lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

Synth 1 - Mr Wobble Banks - Free

Mr Wobble Vol 1 is the original bank ("Mr Wobble's Patchbank"), but NB!
some of the patches have been tweaked since it was first released - mostly just a bit of eqing, balancing etc, but one or two are significantly different.
In the unlikely event that you've actually used any of these patches in a project,
it might be a good idea to back up the original Mr Wobble patchbank.

The patches were created in Synth1 v1.12.
Some will sound quite different, or not work at all, if loaded into a previous version.

Download here:: Click

There's a load of newer (and, imo, better) Mr Wobble patches uploaded
to Big Tick's Zen database.

or for more information you can visit KVR FORUM

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