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Two Free Ableton Live Packs Inspired by John Cage

Puremagnetik has released two free Ableton Live Packs inspired by the experimental,
avant-garde composer John Cage. The free offerings include Live Packs sourced from an
amplified cactus and a hotel piano, prepared with plastic forks, leaves, seashells,
matchsticks and paperclips.

Amplified Cactus a la John Cage

Amplified Cactus Pack includes a drum rack of "plucked", percussive articulations
and a multisampled rack of "scraped" sounds. Rocks, grass, paper and feathers are
among the exciters used to create these sound varieties.

Amplified Cactus was recorded using a barrel cactus mic'd with TranceAudio surface
pickups and a custom built low-noise preamplifier.

Hotel Room Prepared Piano

Whilst abroad in Israel, Puremagnetik sound developer Micah Frank found his hotel
room equipped with a vintage upright piano. After a few attempts to create a conventional
upright piano recording, the plan was aborted due to outside noise.
Instead, Micah jammed paperclips, seashells, twigs and pieces of plastic into the piano
strings and recorded two octaves of prepared piano tones and noises.

Hotel Room Prepared Piano includes a multisampled Rack of the two-octave piano and
a selection of effects captured during the recording process.

Minimum System Requirements:

-Ableton Live 9.1.0.
-100 MB of free hard disk space.
-500 MB RAM.

Download Amplified Cactus:: Click

Download Hotel Prepared Piano:: Click

Source::  Click

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