miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2013

Miscellania I - Horror (Free VST)

Versilian Studios has released a miscellaneous sound effects plug-in called
Miscellania I: Horror which contains approximately 75 samples from a variety
of sources centered around horror and sci-fi soundscapes.

This plugin contains zaps, whirring, percussive metallic hits, strange cymbal/gong sounds,
bubbling, instrumental effects, and even a nature ambience.
It is designed for use by cinematic/ambient composers and sound designers looking for
a basis for a scary or interesting soundscapes.

Miscellania I: Horror is available for 32- and 64-bit Mac OS X and Windows in VST
and Audio Unit plug-in formats.

Recommended System Specs:

- At least 512 MB of RAM suggested

- 45 MB of Hard Drive space (Windows)

- 60 MB of Hard Drive space (AU/Mac)

- A Hard Drive of at least 7200 RPM or SSD (VSTi streams from disk)

- Keyboard Recommended


32-bit Windows:


64-bit Windows:


Audio Unit (Mac):


VST for Mac:


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