lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

Swierk - Free Subtractive Synthesizer

Swierk is a classic VA subtractive synthesizer, with plenty of modulation sources
and destinations to make your sounds move and grow.
Swierk has a classic architecture and layout allowing the user to get sounds up
and running quickly with minimum fuss. If you are after a classic unison lead
or squelchy bass Swierk can do the job however, if you wish to dig deeper this
instrument provides the parameters and functions to push you sound design to
different places.

Swierk features:

2 Oscillators (each consists of the following)
3 waveforms, Width, Octave range (32, 16, 8, 4, 2),
Semitone (-12 to +12), Fine tune (-1 to +1 semitone)
Unison/detune (up to 7 voices per oscillator)
Sync (Oscillator 1 master, Oscillator 2 slave)

1 Sub Oscillator
Sine wave, Octave range (-3 to 0 octaves)

1 Noise Generator, Noise type (White/Pink)

Volume for each sound generator, Pan for each sound generator + reset.

Low Pass Filter
Frequency cut off, Resonance

2 ADSR envelopes, Envelope amount

2 LFOs (each consists of the following)
4 waveforms, Width, LFO rate, Wave cycle re-trigger
Wave position, LFO mix panel.

Master Volume

Midi Control
Pitch wheel, bend range, Modulation wheel
Midi channel, Re-trigger, Mono mode
Left click for midi learn, unlearn and edit

Internal Modulation Matrix
8 Modulation slots, 5 Sources, 20 Destinations
External Modulation Matrix
8 Modulation slots, 5 Sources, 33 Destinations

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