viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

Sleepy-Time Records Free Legacy Bundle

 Here you'll find all of the Sleepy-Time Records VST plugins in one easy-to-download bundle.
All software on this page is free. There is no trial mode and registration is not required.
The Sleepy-Time Records legacy plugins will work in Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating
systems with a VST2 compatible DAW/Host.


These carefully calibrated, high-quality VU meters are great for both tracking and setting
levels between inserts in your DAW. The meter animation is smooth and the ballistics meet
the requirements of classic analog meters.


Enhance your percussive instruments with this easy to use envelope shaper.
Transient allows precise control over your audio signal's transients with minimal
cpu usage.

Crosstalk v2

Simulate the stereo bleeding effect of analog buses with Crosstalk v2.
The effect is subtle, but many people believe it's one of the many intricacies of
achieving "analog" sound in the digital world.


Instead of being limited to your DAW's pan control, DualPanner lets you adjust your
sound's stereo position anywhere in the signal chain.


Quickly flip the polarity of your sound anywhere in the signal chain.

Download Free Legacy Bundle::

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