lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

Meditation Essence - Free Sound Library for Kontakt

Meditation Essence is a sound library for Kontakt that features the sounds of
an authentic handmade Tibetan singing bowl, a sacred instrument used for meditation.

This library features 3 Kontakt patches with different ways to play this magical
instruments: from bell like sounds to evolving deep soundscapes. Meditation Essence
will add a touch of metaphysical inspiration to your music. Each patch has its own GUI
with a lot of insert effects, chord manager and trigger effects that you can turn on and
off with your keyboard. The sonic palette that you can obtain by tweaking these parameters
is so vast that more than a sampled instrument, this is almost a full synthesizer!

Kontakt full version 5.4+ is required (Player version also loads the library, but disables
it after 15 minutes)

Download Meditation Essence (14.8 MB)


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