sábado, 3 de enero de 2015

KR-Delay FS R1.2.0 - Free

Delay plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X.

This release of KR-Delay FS comes with many new features like host sync capability
for durations from 1/64 to 1/1 plus Triplet and Dot modes, three operating modes Stereo,
Link and Ping-Pong, fully independent controls for all parameters in Stereo mode,
independent Low Pass / High Pass resonant filters and Panning controls.
The graphical display has visual representations of all the parameters of the effect
processor for easier preset creation and adjustment.


+Input selector - Left, Right and Stereo
+Stereo, Link and Ping-Pong modes
+Host Sync mode from 1/64 - 1/1 plus T and D modes
+Independent Panning controls
+Low Pass/ High Pass Filters with Resonant control
+Filters On-Off switch
+Graphical representation of all effect parameters
+Independent feedback controls
+Independent Dry/Wet controls
+Independent Output Level controls from -12db to 12db
+Support for User definable presets(Save & Load) via Host interface

Download KR-Delay FS R1.2.0

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