martes, 5 de julio de 2016

F1 FilterBox - Free VST Plug-in

The 'F1 Filter Box' is a very handy sculpturing tool, based on a powerful multi mode filter,
modulator and a fast and easy GUI.
It can be used on any content - drum loops, samples, synthetic or natural content,
to provide interesting musical ideas at very short setting time.

The F1 offers 6 different filters shapes:
     * LPF [12 and 24 Db/Octave]
     * HPF [12 and 24 Db/Octave]
     * BPF [12 and 24 Db/Octave]
...and various methods to modulate the cut-off point:
     * LFO (time based, [ms])
     * Sync_LFO - temp based, synchronized to DAW's BPM setting
     * Envelope follower

As well as a master modulation depth setting, which can be run to negative values as well as positive.
All these modulation setting can be run in parallel and offer you a very quick and easy to use tool,
which sounds just great !

Windows - VST

Download here

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