viernes, 17 de julio de 2015

Alien Dharma - EP by Q.P.A. 2015

Alien Dharma psytrance cruising through QPA's original world of psy beats, odd voice samples
and subtle melody for home, club and festival dance floors. Grab your free promo track download
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Track List

1 9:07 145bpm - Psyholizm
2 8:53 147bpm - Alien Program
3 9:49 143bpm - Archon Pronoia
4 8:31 143bpm - Brothers From the Sky
5 9:15 143bpm - Air Shuttle 5959

EP info

EP Title: Alien Dharma Artist: Q.P.A. (aka Qubenzis Psy Audio) Style: Psytrance - Full On / prog / Fusion Song-writing & Mastering: Q.P.A. Duration: 45:34 min Tracks: 5 Label: Qubetechnet Records Release: 2015 Cover Art: Q.P.A's pissed off ET.

About name

The definition of the wording "Alien Dharma" depends on the context and your personal feel for
the words. It doesn't necessarily relate to ET stuff. "Strange order" or perhaps "Path of the stranger" can be some interpretations. Alien = "unknown", "strange", or, if you like, "Extraterrestrial life". Dharma = Sanskrit word for key concept with multiple meanings in the Indian religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. There is no single word translation for dharma in western languages.
Some meanings are "right way of living", "cosmic law and order", "path of righteousness", etc.

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