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Inspiration V. 1.1 - Free Creativity Stimulator Software

Stand-alone utility / application
Win and Mac

Inspiration is an application developed to stimulate the creativity of music composers.

Influenced by Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies, and techniques described in several books
about songwriting, Inspiration allows its users to get random, more or less abstract advice
that can provide ways to handle the blank page syndrome, new "cooking recipes" to create
music in general, ideas to develop or finish your last song, write a lot of music in a
short time, take different musical paths...

Considering Inspiration as another software adaptation of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies
is wrong:

+Indeed, those advice items are gathered together like the Oblique Strategies,
but also other thematic sets like the Horizontal Strategies from -musicalentropy
for example, the Frustrated Songwriter's Strategies, the Advancing Guitarist strategies,
and others.
+The advice items are classified and can be filtered with numerous tags, allowing the
users to target specific needs at specific moments. Some examples of these tags :
musical instruments like the guitar, the drums or keyboards, various abstraction levels,
themes like motivation, harmony, rehearsals, sampling, the development of existing
ideas etc.

Moreover, a special editor is included, allowing users to create their own sets,
with an efficient and ergonomic interface. With this functionality, you can :

+Create your own advice sets, corresponding to your needs, your personality,
 and the way you work.
+Share your own advice sets with all the users of Inspiration.
+Fill a list of composition ideas, new tracks or concepts you would like to work
 on in the future.
+Have a work plan for your preferred musical instrument, full of random exercises
 to do or existing songs to include to your musical repertoire.
+Optimize your 20-songs game sessions, as described in the book
"The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook" by Nicholas Dobson and Karl Coryat.

Inspiration for Windows

System Requirements: Windows XP


Inspiration for Mac

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6


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