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ZeNeRyC v3.0 - Synth VSTi for Win

(Win - VST)

ZeNeRyC Synth VSTi for Windows v3.0

ZeNeRyC is available for 99€ as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows.
Upgrade to this version is 30€ for owners of previous versions.

ZeNeRyC Free has also been updated to v3.0
(The Free version is based on the full version update).

NEW A swoosh StepLFO per OSC's filter.
NEW Master filter "swoosh/sequence type" StepLFO toggle.
NEW MIDI octaver (+1/+2 octaves).
NEW Micro-Random feature.
NEW Progressive level of randomization according to the density slider value:
a higher value will apply a more drastic change to the sound.
NEW Freeze for Micro-Random button (Frz):
Freezes all parameter values to set the actual sound as a new basis for upcoming randoms.
NEW MIDI learn system implementation with assigned control display.

1-Right click any knob (no CC assigned: CC? ; or CC value display).
2-Move hardware controller.
3-CC learned.
4-Double right click.
5-Knob is free of any CC.

NEW GUI design.

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