martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Behemoth 2 - Win VSTi Free

Bass Synth

Behemoth 2 is monster baseline synth and the successor of Behemoth.
Behemoth 2 presents a brand new sound engine and user interface,
with an advanced conceptual approach. Basically, The concept behind
the Behemoth line hasn't changed; its still kicks hard with a deep loud
aggressive sound, but the new sound engine, reinforced with a lot of
new features, effects and interface make the Behemoth 2 a completely
different monster. much powerfull, flexible, diversified and user friendly.


-Improved 3 oscillators sound engine with morphing ability.
-Pair of 8 wavetables banks for each oscillator.
-Detailed synthesis section.
-4 Built-in effects for each oscillator.
-Advanced mono mode.

To download visit::

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